Latest and trendiest furniture sofa collections


Abitex sofas introduces its latest and trendiest furniture sofa collections, which appeal to modern consumers through timeless aesthetics and custom-made features. 

Glorious Grandeur 

Celebrate high-quality lifestyles through premium modular sofas that complement your interior with a touch of elegance and modern sophistication.

Sofas & Furniture by ABITEX SOFAS

Customised Comfort 

Reacting to pressure applied onto the seats, this feature accommodates the shape of your body to provide a truly relaxing user experience.

Sofas & Furniture by ABITEX SOFAS

Exclusive Elegance 

Sleek European designs are highlighted beautifully with premium leather and fabric to elevate the ambience of any given space.

Sofas & Furniture by ABITEX SOFAS

Sensual Sensation 

Starins are no longer an issue! Enjoy a carefree and hassle-free experience each Abitex sofa provides through its easy-maintenance features.

Sofas & Furniture by ABITEX SOFAS

Modular Magnificence 

Keep your home design fresh and updated by rearranging your sofas according to latest interior trends.

Sofas & Furniture by ABITEX SOFAS

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Photography/C.Y.Wong_Real Pixel Studio
Art Direction/Rainzs Lim
Styling/Manne Chen
Clothing/Jimmy Lim
Hair & Make-up/Alicia Chong
Model/Aly Chernobrivets