Rug rules: Placement & choices



Have you thought of how a rug placement can make all the difference to your home? Take a look on how Index Living Mall aide in making the right rug choice.

1. Living Room




Some people fill their living rooms with furnitures which is too chunky for the space. To anchor the space, either line the couch on the edge of the rug or a few metres away.


2. Dining Room


For a place where you are hosting your fantastic dinner, one of the easiest ways to add colour into the feast is to place bright pieces to a room!


3. Bedroom


In a child’s bedroom specially, wool is naturally a better soil resistant because of its outer layer which traps dirt in the upper area of the rug pile so that it can be removed by vacuuming. Wool is also a non-allergenic material & makes for the best choice for the brood.

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