Rustic shades of the grand contemporary living at Puteri Hills Condominium, Puchong



Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd


VO5-07-06, Signature 1, Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

T: +603 2711 4047 / 601 0225 9648

Living in some of the everyday environment, though minimalist, efficient and sustainable design has bestow this residence in awe of the appealing wonders of soft tones with rustic, modern ambience that makes this home welcoming and comfortable every time. Situated in the township of Puchong, this charming 1,700 square feet residence designed by Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd are delighted to bring its open space concept as a moment to capture the essence of goodness.

1 Era of modernisation
The open space concept exudes a modern concept of luxury living with that could elevate the modern open space living into one that makes a more welcoming and warm place for living.

2 Edgy amber
Wood designs are a perfect way to beatify even the smallest of designs like a private enclave. The design space of the study tables paves a great way to boasts the utilisation of timber and trendy piece of wooden art, making it user-friendly and helps develop ideas more fluidly.

3 Contrasting textiles
The contrast of colour palette of the kitchen interior of dark wooden finishing and white hues brings a calm and soothing space alongside a touch of modern framework with its lighting fixtures and quality polished tiles that leaves a gap for nature’s inspiration flow.

4 Reflective spaces
Thoughts derived from the living area which connects the sink area, decorated with an afterthought of the dark metal partition and long decorative mirror to enhance a vivid look of its surroundings as well as making it an ideal space for final checks before heading out of the house.

5 Soothing vibes
Light pastel colours and soft hues infused in this modern, cosy bedroom leaves ample of space for relaxation and comfort in its place.