Great Things Are Done By A Series of Small Things Put Together

The creative team at Northmos boasts a large amount of young earnest faces with a keen sense to detail. Led by Keith Chan and Rachel Khong, whom have worked hard to build Northmos as a trusted design firm in Malaysia.


History of the company

Before Northmos, the company was known as Daicon Industry. Founded in 1977 by Tony Chan, the father of Keith, as it started as a construction company that slowly branched out into decorative accessories and décor. Tony slowly began growing a team of designers and opened up another company in 2005, Ideal Design & Renovation. Following this, Tony eventually teamed up with both his son and niece to open up Northmos. A company with more than 30 years of experience to fall back on.

Renowned Style

As the identifying style of the company, Northmos adopts a new take towards this concept. Their ideal décor styles involve manipulating contemporary open spaces with thematic approaches. The company is also heavily influenced by international décor, such as its unique and creative usage of material used for tiles and other finishes.

Notable Projects

One of the prime example is the 4,350-square-feet terrace house at the heart of Ipoh. This dream house is designed to impress in every aspect possible. Another project is the Nam Heong outlet in Ipoh. A harmonious blend of rustic-looking materials to give the space a sense of nostalgia. Helping its guests get the best possible dining experience. Besides utilising international influences as a form of décor, Northmos also well versed in creating innovative designs that centre around the themes and designs that the customer requests for. Most prominently, its use of darker tone industrial style with a heavy mix of modernism for the Manhattan hotel penthouse project in Ipoh. They also succeeded in transforming the visitor centre of the Gaharu Tea Valley by giving it a sleek revam, creating a classy yet contemporary premium sales gallery.

The team is also well versed in creating innovative designs that the customer requests for.

Inspired by young and creative minds, Northmos constantly challenges the boundaries of design while keeping it fun and professional.


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