Walking through the most picturesque of sceneries whilst the wind caresses you in its gentle embrace – an experience like that is not always so easily captured. Being able to translate that into art effortlessly, however, is David Hockney. Inspired by his perspective on change being the only constant, CASSEY GAN comes forth with her twelfth series – MOVING VIEWPOINT.

Taking from the strokes and colours of Hockney’s paintings come effervescent hues that drench the collection in joy. Brush stroke prints are put on full display, reflecting a sense of controlled chaos – something Cassey finds intriguing when looking at Hockney’s works.


A Sense of Contained Entropy

Drapes, pleats and asymmetrical shapes also take form in the collection. Emulating that of Hockney’s polaroid picture collages, comes paneled detailing on non-form fitting silhouettes. Layering and mixing different gingham and plaid fabrics together, the collection is one that is bold.

Exuding An Optimistic Spirit

CASSEY GAN was also inspired by the patriotism embodied by the people of Malaysia during the recent general election. Running with the theme of change, this collection is an ode to the constant changes that are moulding the future of our nation.