Rhapsodic Rapture by Moonlit Inspiration Sdn Bhd



Moonlit Inspiration Sdn Bhd 


D3-5, Sri Gembira Avenue, No 6,
Jalan Senang Ria,Taman Gembira,
58200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

T +60379718888

 Moonlit Inspiration Sdn Bhd introduces a young yet professional setting into the interior of the office space by exploring various combinations of trendy industrial elements. At the same time, the office is emboldened with nature-themed finishes, cozy ambiance, and soothing lighting effects that instantaneously put employees and visitors at ease.

Cozy Ambience 

Vibrant colors and glass mirrors are used in the reception area to make a good first impression when welcoming guests.


Distinctive Discussion Rooms

Personalized with distinctive wall colors, catering to the operational needs of the company, as well as furnished with modern furniture, sleek pendant lights, matching floor carpets and full height glass walls. The discussion rooms feature spacious and contemporary aesthetics that is sought after by consumers today.

Contemporary Workspaces 

Maintaining the common industrial theme, this office is decorated with a black colored ceiling that is paired with the black matte finishes of its desks and lighting fixtures to further accentuate the contemporary appeal of its design.

Light Wooden-toned Finishes 

Director’s room is heavily designed on the creative application of custom-made furniture pieces, such as storage cabinets and a simple work desk, to ensure the rooms remain functional.