A Verdant Vision


From the outside, the largely undecorated building in Ipoh’s Jubilee Park seems innocuous enough. Only the bright sign sticking out of a cage-like structure which is affixed to the top floor over the entrance that identifies said building as The Park Beer Garden gives passers-by any hint that space is occupied.

You would be welcomed with an external indication of the establishment’s existence with a  light door frame around its entrance which bears Heineken’s signature color and even sports the Dutch brewing company’s logo.

As soon as you pass the main door and ascend the stairs. No part of the establishment showcases this more than the bar itself which is the first thing that greets customers upon reaching the top of the stairs.

Backed by a wall covered in plants with the Heineken logo right at the center, the fauna is highlighted by the designer’s decision to go with a white textured paint finish and black marble top for the bar itself.

A matching white floor and shiny black high table paired with brown cushion high chairs complete the relaxed chic ambiance of the establishment.

For added flair, the wall next to the bar is lit with soft neon green lights and has Heineken’s star stamped on it. Vines are wrapped around trellises hanging from the ceiling which adds more greenery to the space.

Sporting wooden floors and furniture, small bronze pendant lights and quirky artwork, this space has an atmosphere suitable for quiet gatherings over drinks.

There’s a small room-like part that houses several wine cupboards and a cozy barrel-based high table for three that has a rustic yet refined feel to it.