Soaking in Luxury




Address: 20, Jalan Impian Ria Satu, Impian Ria Alma, 14000 BM, Penang, Malaysia

Telephone : +604 5881962

Designed to provide guests with all the luxurious services typical of a spa in a setting that evokes the warm comfort of home, this hotel spa centre has the perfect blend of nature and urbanity! 

Surrounding this community luxurious lifestyles, this premier hotel caters to the many indulgences associated with that. Vangohh Eminent is the result of one man’s vision of building a place that would help elevate Penang’s mainland leisure scene to match its island counterpart, that was successfully brought to life by local interior design firm FUKA Interior Decoration Sdn Bhd.

Strategically positioned lighting elements draw guests attention to these spaces in just the right way by revealing the rugged surfaces of the stone-covered walls.

Guests are greeted by the sight of the roughly-hewn stone slabs covering large portions of the walls upon entering the centre.

In contrast, a strong presence of natural elements is in the form of a series of wall panels decorated with gold-colored textured wallpaper, thereby uniting raw nature and sophisticated modernity.

Another design element that is sure to catch their eye is the metal geometric gradation pattern that covers a large area of the premises and makes it easy to visually distinguish it from the other parts of the spa centre.

The establishment’s Oriental Zen theme is also evident in the Chinese classical art decor dotting the space.


The highlight of Aqua Spa on both service and design level is undoubtedly the wooden house that stands apart from the rest of the center as a single separate building on the third floor. Constructed with a rough solid wood and fully transparent glass panels that let light flow insides unobstructed.

The lounge area is where guests can leisurely rest and relax after a round of Khan Steam treatment.