Mesmerising Monochorome


  Black, White and somewhere in between Surface R is defined as an outstanding designer firm of the year with their playful balance of high-end creative living!

Spearheaded by two brothers, Stanley, and Sam Leong, the office space is a modern take of a diverse design trend and culture. Working with just a small space, Surface R’s headquarters is given a monochromatic scheme of black, white and middle ground grey which exude a top-notch, businesslike mannerism with a sleek touch to it.

The office is built with an open concept layout with combinations of formal and casual working spaces. Keeping it within the chosen color schemes, the workstation is clad in a white muse while the design director’s and managing director’s office are decked with laminated wooden floor.

Besides, the meeting room brings a rather nonchalant ambiance. Having a standing canvas painting thrown into space, the lengthy wooden table is composited with a collection of designer’s chairs. White lighting is used to uplift and brighten the room.

Having more tricks up its sleeve, the wall is also equipped with hidden storages and a hidden door which leads into the storeroom underneath the stairs while the common space still appears grand, organized and welcoming.

In whole, Surface R’s headquarters office captures the essence of peace and serenity.

For more info, check out Surface R Sdn Bhd