Fabulously Fun And Fresh




Address: 1b, Jalan Medan Ipoh 10,  Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh

31400 Ipoh Perak

Telephone : +605 5499 890

Nature concept took the chance to buck that trend by designing a uniquely vibrant and colorful eatery with the given space at Casuarina Hotel in Meru, Ipoh. Inspired by the nearby Movie Animation Park Studio, the designing team decided to transform the restaurant space they were given into an eatery named Coffee House which as a colorful energetic and fun vibe!

Named Bloom in the Park, the exuberant colors on the wall are brought to life by certified Green Label materials that are made of renewable and sustainable sources and low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint.

An open space concept was applied to the eatery that consists of four different parts which are Pátisserie, Big Show, Kid’s Corner, and an open kitchen.

A pathway connects these four parts and winds around cement columns that are surrounded by handcrafted “trees” made out of metal tubes which have a ‘blooming’ effect consistent with the overall theme.

Natural lighting suffuses this entire space in the daytime while strategically located lights illuminate it in the evening, creating a dramatic and intriguing effect.

Designed to be a one-of-a-kind place that is versatile for many occasions, Coffee House sports colorful seats that are a breath of fresh air with the way their vivid colors contrast each other. Besides, there’s is also a performance area called Big Show that features a stage and has a more dramatic atmosphere.


Overall, Coffee House shares a modern yet rustic selection of muted colors that harmoniously bring them together and create an overall cheerful ambiance.