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To find the perfect lighting option with optimal visual conditions is hard. The fact that fluorescent lights are being slowly phased out but their replacements which are the LED lights still have several kinks to work out further complicates the matter.

Dyson’s solution to this predicament is its Cu-Beam Duo suspended light, a piece of lighting technology that combines up and down light and has full, flexible illumination control. A custom-built driver splits the ratio of light it emits, making it adaptable based on the current time of day and the individual’s needs.

By being able to direct the light where it’s required the most, light wastage is prevented and eye strain is reduced. Called Ricochet, this technology features adjustable one-touch shutters and a reflective surface that are instrumental in directing the light where it needs to go.

The heating problem found in many other lighting options is solved in the case of Cu-Beam suspended lights via its revolutionary cooling system. Heat is transferred away from the light source and dissipated along the wings which consist of a series of aluminium fins.

Two more products make up Dyson’s range of Cu-Beam lighting options. One is the Cu-beam Up- light that is a suspended up-light with an ultra-wide distribution of powerful illumination that is ideal for lighting open spaces such as atriums, foyers and offices. While Cu- Beam Down- light, a suspended downlight with a controlled pool of powerful illumination perfect for task surfaces such as offices desks and meeting tables. Both of the lights have custom-engineered lens and with the help of precisely calculated optical geometry it is able to create a targeted area.