True Temptation


Founded by chefs Weng Chia and Jack Yeap, the ChinChin Group made its debut in Penang’s gastronomy scene with their izakaya-style restaurant and bar Chin Chin Gastropub. The goal was to serve simple yet great-tasting food that places a significant amount of emphasis on fresh ingredients.

From their overwhelming success that they achieved the company grew, eventually opening a bar-lounge called Golden Shower by ChinChin. Now, CREAM and Tiente by ChinChin marks the company’s third establishment and represents its effort to create and offer an entirely different menu and experience. The eatery’s relaxing ambience can largely be attributed to Nevermore which is used a simple and primarily white colour scheme highlighted by gold trimmings for the interior. It caters those looking for a comfortable place where they can enjoy lunch, tea or dinner. 

Shining spotlight on the classics that people know so well and love so much, CREAM boasts a menu that puts a modern twist on European cuisine which is timeless and will never go out of style. Meanwhile, Tiente which is Spanish for ‘to tempt’ or ‘to seduce’ is the realisation of the two chefs’ long-standing dream to open a pastry and dessert shop in Georgetown.

Those who choose to patronise CREAM and Tiente can expect to be served comfort-style European food inspired by French, Italian and Mediterranean classics as well as irresistible sweet treats. ChinChin Group’s philosophy of nurturing creativity in the field of gastronomy and developing new tastes while still serving simple, good food that focuses on fresh produce.

For more information, please visit CREAM and Nevermore Group.