4 Basics To Decorate A Dining Room


Think of the dining room and you think of people gathering together to mingle, to eat and socialize. It is an ideal place to host celebrations, game nights or even simply catching up with a friend. The way you decide to decorate the dining room should reflect in the many ways in which you use it. Here we have summarized for you 4 basic tips to decorate the dining room with Yong Studio Sdn Bhd.

  1. Let there be light

Lighting plays a key feature in any room and mood. Ample brightness would be perfect for doing work on the table while soft lighting is used for creating an intimate dining atmosphere. The idea is not to stick to only one type of lighting but to use a mix of lightings such as wall fixtures, ceiling lights, floor lamps, downlights, to create an ambience you need. Having windows allows natural light to flow in during the day time which is also lighting aesthetic to look for.

2. The right dining table

Select a dining table that complements the size of the room and your lighting plan as it should complement both of the aspects. Choose a table that fits comfortably within the room, with ample space to move chairs and walk around the table comfortably.

3. Colour Match

The colours you choose for your linens, dishes glassware and others help set the tone for your dining area. Don’t be afraid to play with bold colours and a variety of different textures. Create contrast by pairing unexpected colours and fabrics together – like velvet and linen or even adding fun printed carpet or floor mats.

4. Walls Talk

This is one of the biggest single piece and part of the space that you cannot ignore. Make one part of the wall an art piece or a memory wall where you could document your travels and special occasions with photographs. You could also include pigeon hole cabinets to store your liquor or a mural. The colours on the wall will also escalate the aesthetic of the dining room.  

Armed with these 4 basic steps, you can now transform your dining room into a room of memories and good occasions. Remember, there is no set style as each individual is different and each as their personal style for their dining room that could be showcased in the household.