An Uphill Feat


Beautiful sandy shores dotted with sun-baked rocks. The sapphire blue Adriatic Sea stretching for as far as the eye can see. These scenes from one of Croatia’s most captivating attractions and the main draw for tourists – the coastline.

It is along this coastline, specifically on the steep north- facing slope in the small village of TriZala, that two Tinel Vacation Houses are located on a single plot of land. Measuring 12 metres-wide and 25 metres-deep, the plot was subject to strict regulations, such as only being able to use 30% of the land, and not being able to place windows on facades on a metre or less from the boundaries.

To transcend these limits, the architectural team from SODA Arhitekti led by Verdan Jukic designed the structure to follow the terrain closely, even appearing to be half- absorbed into the landscape. Materials sourced locally, such as plaster, stone, wood and native plants are also used, to further incorporate the houses into their surroundings.

The slant of the land also called for staggered levels within the vacation houses, with a patio between the different volumes, Occupants enter from the top level, with a secondary entrance on the garage ground level. Spaces and facades are closed on the east sides of the houses to keep to the building regulations while enhancing privacy.

Of course, a vacation here would not be complete without savouring the impressive coastal views. Thus, architects designed west- and north- oriented living area, with open spaces ‘outdoor rooms’ where one can enjoy the lovely Croatian sunshine.