Garden Of Eclectic Expressions


“A great mind must be androgynous.’ This is 1832 quote by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge sums up Gucci’s new exhibition in the Gucci Garden Galleria, ‘II Maschile – Androgynous Mind, Electic Body’, with the title translated as ‘The Male’. Through clothes, objects, accessories, images, books, magazines and videos, the exhibition displays various expressions of the male gender.

One of the highlights of 11 Maschile is a red silk shirt with a bow tied at the neck, a piece that first captured attention in Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s first men’s show in 2015. This pivotal piece marks the start of Gucci’s exploration into a more fluid demonstration of masculinity.

The exhibition is not just a feast for the eyes but provides food for thought, as visitors can now admire new artworks in its stairwells and landings. Two paintings by Italian mural artist MP5 feature undressed figures in a narrative about individuality and connection, while English artist Alex Merry has created a series of arched window paintings that open onto dreamlike Italian landscape. For lovers of the brand and the Italian fashion heritage, Gucci Garden is also a msut- visit destination in Florence to check out their updated 2019 store design, as well as exclusive merchandise specific to the location. For example, one can find well-loved items in special fabrics, and a pink version of the Ace and Rhyton sneakers printed with the black Eye and Stars motif. Visitors can cap off their visit with the viewing of the Crollo Nervosa video in the Cinema de Camera, a major 1980 work by avant-garde Florence theatre company. They can also browse exhibition theme-related publications in the ground floor boutique, or savour creative recipes from in Gucci Garden’s restaurant, Gucci Osteria de Massimo Bottura, helmed by Michelin star chef, Massimo Bottura.

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