Pointers To Interior An Asian – Inspired Living Room


For most of us living in Malaysia, with tropical climate almost all year round and some months of the monsoon season, designing for a living room in an Asian country is different from anywhere else in the world. For one, you would want to take advantage of the breezy environment and the sunny sky. Secondly, you don’t need to a heater, but air conditioning is a must as some days can be dry and humid. Thirdly Asians are very big into harmony and balance. With this in mind, we have curated 6 tips to designing a living room, the Asian way.

What is the Asian way? The Asian design is a fusion of several different styles that ranged from the Chinese, Japanese, Balinese to the Western Notherthen Europe of Scandinavian, Netherlands and England.

TIP #1

The Backdrop

The Asian designs largely inspired by the colours of nature, so it is best to keep the backdrop as neutral as possible to mimic natural colours. Gentle cream, understated light blue and elegant grey are one of the most sought-after colours that offer a relaxed and laid back ambience.

TIP #2

Visual Balance

Balance is important in every Asian home. You need to find the right harmony not just with colours, but also to find the right harmony not just with colours, but also with different textures and elements in the room. If your home is woody, think about adding some glass partitions or natural stones or plants to create a balance in the home.

TIP #3

Light It Up

Lighting is a big deciding factor regardless of what the theme is. It is important not to light it up too bright. It is also vital not to have insufficient lighting which would result in having difficulty moving around the house. Having, the right lights can add dimensions to the home, and stylish hanging lights have a calming effect on the overall living hall.

TIP #4

Little Details Matters

Generally, most Asian living room has elements of eco-friendliness by balancing a concrete home with plants or flowers or keeping the accessories, furniture and furnishings as sustainable and authentic as possible to keep true to its Asian roots.

TIP #5

Minimalism is Best

Decoration at a minimal, sleek symmetry and clean lines are influenced by Zen style. These elements can quickly transform any room into an inviting abode. With ‘no-clutter’ philosophy in mind, these contemporary settings are highly popular among homes in Asia.


Final Touches

When you already have a living room clad in neutral colours, then all you need is to add that final touch extravagance – some paintings on a feature wall, a Ming vase strategically placed at a corner of a room, a shoji room divider or throw cushions with patterned that matches your sofa sets.

With these few simple tips, you can immediately experience a well-balanced, well-lit and well-fitted living hall that you can be comfortable in.

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