Timeless gifts, Thoughtful Wishes


1. Perfect To A Tea

From ancient times, tea holds a cherished position in the Chinese culture, representing honour and refinement. Convey friendship bonds through the Cloud Tea Set, comprising a satin finish pewter teapot, a pewter-and-bamboo-tray and four porcelain teacups – perfect for socialising sessions.

2. Soaring Dreams

The smooth, rounded contours of this decanter are just one of its features that make it so alluring. Four types of birds take centre stage on its pewter collar: a scared ibis – a symbol of harmony – the flamingo, rare grey parrot, and crane – a beloved and well-known symbol longevity.

3. Glittering Livelihoods

Wish friends and family an abundant life with an intricate pair of Dragon Chopstick Rests and this rice bowl- inspired pewter Wealth Bowl. With its elegant 24K gold gliding and Zheng De Tong Bao coins decorations, this is one symbol of good luck that recipients will be proud to show off at home.  

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