Warmth Most Welcome


Founder of an internationally renowned London-based design studio, Katharine Pooley has worked on landmark commercial and residential properties worldwide, for instance the luxurious racing trackside Catchet Boutique Zhejiang Circuit hotel, and the nationally significant The Clarence at St James Hotel. Here, she presents her analysis of 2019 trends in colours and home décor.

1. Soft Blush

This neutral with a dusty pink undertone offers an easy way to introduce hints of colour into an interior. Its warm nuances pair beautifully with rose gold and bronze tones, while white marble brings out the luxury and elegance of the colour.


2. Rich Bronze

The coppery shade has a warm sophistication to it, creating inviting and elegant surfaces. It is versatile, able to be used in living rooms, where warmth is essential to make guests feel welcome, or in bedrooms for a romantic touch, especially in the light of the setting sun.


3. Rose Gold 

This unique pink shade, influenced by trends like copper and even the retro pink interiors of the 2014 movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, gives the impression of delicacy, grace and exclusivity. Not only is the colour gender neutral, but it also adds a beautiful glowing metallic touch to your décor.

4. Textual Accent 


To complement the three feminine colours – blush, bronze and rose gold – Katharine Pooley suggests using Viola Calcutta marble, for its unusual masculine maroon veining and classy ivory base.

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