Wish List for 2019


Here are some things to consider if you are planning to give your home a breath of fresh air this year.

1. Practical Art

Solid wood furniture manufacturer Art of Tree presents another stunning example of beautiful and functional eco-responsibility in the form of the Hologram collection. Inspired by American designer Greg Klassen’s river table, the company’s latest masterpiece is made with two pieces of salvaged timber merged with a colour textured epoxy resin. It is currently available in gold, titanium copper and chameleon turquoise resin that changes shades under different lightings. Additionally, the translucent texture created by this resin can appear to glow in certain lighting situations due to its reflective qualities.

For more information, visit www.artoftree.my

2. Beautiful Sleep

This stunning solid wood bedroom set by ELK-Desa Furniture is available in two sizes which are the 6-feet king size option and the 5-feet queen size option. Customers can also choose to buy a single-drawer side table designed in the same style to go with their beautiful new bed.

For more information, visit www.elk-desafurniture.com.my

3. Endless Possibilities

Striking a balance between sustainability and aesthetics, KompacPlus’ innovatively designed panels are crafted with precision and built to outlast a lifetime. These panels are incredibly resistant to fire as well as wear and tear, making them ideal choices for heavy-duty areas such as the kitchen. On top of that, their durability ensures that they are easy to maintain and will continue to look stunning for years to come. Additionally, their waterproof and steam-proof qualities help them retain their shape in areas that are constantly wet or have high steam concentrations. Health is also not an issue due to the panels being non-porous and resistant to microorganisms. Offering a wide range of options with its Dendron Wood, Solid and Motif Pattern series, it is the material of choice for those seeking an aesthetic experience that is still practical.

For more information, visit www.kompacplus.com

4. One Glass, Two Options

Based on Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology, Smart Film by REV Interactive is an innovative entry in the visual display market. Once it is laminated onto an existing pane of glass, a Privacy Control function in the form of a simple on-off switch allows the glass to be changed from its clear transparent state to an opaque frosted one. Furthermore, that same glass can have a display function called Smart Display just by adding a projector to the setup. Last but not least, Smart Film has insulation properties and can block up to 98% of ultraviolet (UV) light and 90% of infrared light.

For more information, visit www.therev.my

5. Extraordinarily Secure

The latest in Valorforce’s impressive catalogue of world-class safes, the Phenomenal marries a classic design with futuristic security measures in order to provide the ultimate level of security in a truly fashionable package. This safe boasts specialised compartments encased in premium leather and reinforced steel although those are not the only highlights of this luxurious series. Owners will be able to choose how they want to access their safes by creating a unique any-or-all combination of the smart finger, code and key options provided by the safe.

For more information, visit www.valorforce.com

6. Flexible and Powerful

The latest in Samsung’s smart home appliance products, the POWERstick PRO is a cordless vacuum that provides expanded experiences in both cleaning time and everyday use. It is powered by Samsung’s digital inverter motor which spins faster than a tornado and boasts industry-leading suction power. A hi-tech removable power pack offers up to 40 minutes of battery life while the Flex Handle feature allows users to easily reach under low furniture. Convenience is further guaranteed thanks to the vacuum’s EZClean Dustbin which provides hassle-free maintenance and strong hygienic features. Last but not least, the POWERstick PRO comes with four additional tools and two optional ones that complete the ultimate cleaning solution.

For more information, visit www.samsung.com/my 

7. Reliable Long-Term Freshness

As one of Liebherr’s latest offerings, the SBSes 8486 PremiumPlus BioFresh NoFrost refrigerator naturally comes equipped with the company’s signature BioFresh-Plus feature which provides even more flexibility for individual grocery storage. Meanwhile, DuoCooling provides accurate and independent temperature control of the fridge and freezer compartments. Liebherr’s BluPerformance appliances have also been incorporated, offering even more interior capacity for food storage, economy and energy efficiency, quiet operation and ease-of-use. Topping all of this off is the plumbed-in Ice Maker which automatically keeps the ice cube box topped up.

For more information, visit www.liebherr.com

8. Next Generation Cooling

The first R32 air conditioning unit to launch in the world, Daikin’s Innovaire utilises the next-generation, earth-friendly R32 refrigerant. It also boasts an all-new fast cooling feature that reduces the time taken to achieve the desired temperature by 35% compared to conventional inverters. Additionally, it has power-saving technologies that make it excel in terms of energy efficiency, quality and performance. Last but not least is its uncomplicated design which combines the science of optimal airflow with a well-integrated built-in swing compressor and proprietary algorithms. The end result is more precise temperature control and even quieter operation.

For more information, visit www.daikin.com.my

9. Innovative Illumination

Walden Lighting’s magnetic track lighting system Grid represents a huge breakthrough in the lighting industry that combines magnets and lights to offer more possibilities in any space. Flexible, precise and artistically delicate, it has its own system which is composed of structural track and lighting fixtures which make it suitable for indoor installations. Additionally, it is made with an extruded aluminium profile that allows it to not only be installed simply via insertion but also easily changed and replaced. Last but not least, Grid is available in three designs which are surface, pendant and trim-less.

For more information, visit www.waldenkl.com