A Walk to Remember




54, Jalan Ghazali Jawi, Ipoh, Perak

Tel: 1700 81 7500     

E-mail: enquiry@goldfields.com.my

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Designed to encapsulate the sumptuous vibe of the property development as well as the serene quality of its locale, this showhouse focuses on impressing potential homebuyers with a great first impression. The living area maintains a minimalistic charm, only to be spruced up with a few carefully selected pieces of modernised classical furniture to go with a gorgeous white marble textured feature wall. Opting for a clean, neutral colour palette, Goldfields Concepts introduced a calming and timeless look to the space, which ultimately sets the tone for the rest of this premise.

Walking through this open concept showhouse, homebuyers will come face-to-face with the main highlight of this design – a tantalising, floor-to-ceiling illustration of a waterfall towering the conjoint dining room and dry kitchen. The choice allowed the design team to fill the empty space with a purposeful addition that enhances the theme of this showhouse, capturing the essence of the picturesque valley city of Ipoh where it is located. Aside from that, classical furnishings are paired and modernised with modern-day space planning details as the contrasting elements come together to extend the classy atmosphere with its serene undertone.ble.

On the upper level, the timeless treatment continues; every square foot of the bedrooms is fully utilised and stylised to fit the narrative of its concept. The warm timber flooring is paired lovingly with a modern palette of greys, blacks and golds to provide the master bedroom with a crisp, elegant feel. Grey-tinted mirrors were added to complement the soft furnishings, as well as to make the room appear more spacious and comfortable. While furnishing is kept at a minimum to sustain a modern appeal, efforts were concentrated on decorating the walls with simple but effective design touches and tasteful golden accents to truly elevate the overall look.