A Manufactured Marvel




1-1b, Jalan Medan Ipoh 10, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak Malaysia.

Tel: 05 5499 890     

E-mail: hello@natureconcept.com.my

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/NatureConceptContract/     

Nestled in the newly rebranded Bandar Meru Raya which was formerly a sleepy town named Meru largely populated by trees, this showhouse is able to draw attention to itself even at a distance. The residence strikes an impressive figure from the outside and even has an added level of charm to it thanks to its beautifully landscaped garden. However, it is undeniably the home’s stunning interior which is the product of the creative minds at Nature Concept that is the true star of the show.

The designers’ ingenuity is apparent the moment one walks inside which is expansive and elegantly styled in the vein of current trends. Thanks to the open plan layout which connects the living area, dining area and dry kitchen, that sense of spaciousness permeates throughout the floor. A shared theme in terms of the décor also helps to maintain the unified feel of the areas with the added bonus of giving the home a contemporary vibe with its combination of monochromatic lamination and hand-picked furniture.

Spurred on by the current popularity of industrial type environments and grey interiors, special materials were used for several key furnishings. The television cabinet was made out of white Calacatta marble and complemented by the television panel which sports Vito Conglomerate lamination. Meanwhile, the white quartz stone kitchen countertop was visually paired with the dark-coloured lounge in order to connect the two areas.

Injecting a bit of lively and dynamic energy into this space are the burgundy red accents in the kitchen and the herringbone wall which also provides some visual texture as an added bonus. The length of this pattern gives the wall a steep angle and more dramatic nature which helps it bring out the monochrome art hanging on it.

In order to fully showcase the house’s beautiful minimalistic interior, natural light is allowed to easily stream in through the windows to illuminate it and create the cosy atmosphere of a home. When necessary, lighting fixtures such as the long pendant light in the kitchen area and the industrial steel pendant light in the dining area will step in to do the job.

That custom touch extends to the bedrooms with the master bedroom boasting a diamond-tufted headboard, built-in full-height wardrobe dressed up with bronze glass and personalised dressing corner made of Italian marble. In the case of the children’s bedroom, the bed has an arc-shaped headboard while the wardrobe has a house shaped shelf. Pastel colours give this room a soft yet vibrant ambience that is matched with wall art featuring inspirational quotes and laser die cut acrylic clouds.