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With its beautifully landscaped grounds which are filled with more than 300 different types of flora and fauna, Country Garden Diamond City makes it hard for anyone to dispute its self described status as an urban sanctuary. It was therefore only to be expected that someone living in this exclusive and prestigious township would want their residence to have an interior strongly influenced by nature and that is exactly what Kate Choo delivered.

Drawing on the fact that Zen is synonymous with peace and tranquillity much like nature itself, the decision was made to incorporate Zen-related elements into the residence’s interior design. This resulted in the décor being a blend of simple, cosy and contemporary elements while the house in general had nothing but purposeful spaces.

The concept shines through easily enough in the living room alone which showcases the warm natural palette that permeates the entire house in all its glory. By using refreshing light colours, the desired effect of bringing nature inside and creating a cosy ambience is achieved. With cream serving as the colour of choice for the floor and walls, the straw brown sofa set, wood television wall cabinet and green ceiling-to-floor curtains stand out without being too conspicuous. Meanwhile, a coffee table sporting a Union Jack tablecloth adds a bit of quirky charm to the space.

Other areas like the kitchen and dining area continue the use of soft tones but differs itself by embracing wood elements in everything from the wood panel flooring to the cabinets. There are, however, exceptions such as the white marble kitchen countertops and dining table-top as well as the white seats of the dining chairs which still stay true to the colour scheme regardless.

Even the more private parts of the house follow this trend with every single bedroom sporting a combination of cream and wood elements. Rich brown wood panel flooring brings out the warmth normally associated with these spaces to great effect. A touch of uniqueness differentiates each bedroom from the other with the master bedroom boasting green ceiling-to-floor curtains and a cosy grey recliner. Meanwhile, the guest bedroom has nature-themed bed sheets and the single bedroom has one wall painted a bright yellow.

In contrast to the rest of the house, the office has a colour scheme that fully embraces the spirit of the outdoors with its lime green and sky blue walls. Similarly shying away from the residence’s overall preference for straight lines is the work desk which looks like three irregular-shaped pieces of polished wood pieced together. With such a setup, there is little chance that work will ever be boring.