Geometric Grandeur




11-2, Jalan USJ 10/1G, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 016 661 4998     


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Simple but sophisticated has become increasingly desirable in the current era largely due to the complicated and often chaotic nature of modern life. A large number of people want a delicate balance of the easy-going days of yesteryear and the welcome luxuries of today especially when it comes to their homes. The owner of a unit in The Rainz @ Bukit Jalil desired just that and upon being given the task of making that a reality, Ken Thong and Emma Yap delivered in spades.

A casually opulent ambience immediately greets anyone who walks through the front door courtesy of an elegantly decorated interior inspired by the timeless beauty of marble. The white floor tiles and ceiling act as the canvas for the rest of the décor which conforms to a predominantly grey colour scheme. Meanwhile, carefully selected and positioned wood elements and reflective surfaces accentuate this palette and add a touch of classy uniqueness to it as well.

Perhaps the most eye-catching piece is the large geometric wall mirror on the immediate left of the entrance which is accompanied by several smaller ones further along the same wall. Following a column of dark wood wall ledges, irregularly cut pieces and strips of mirrors are matched with similarly irregular cuts of light grey marble in the living area. Completing this aesthetic is a dark wood television cabinet, light grey sofa, dusty grey carpet and two small marble-top coffee tables with brass frames. Meanwhile, a bright yellow chair and quirky throw pillows add a welcome splash of colour and character to the space.

The dining area expands on the overall colour scheme by adding dusty blue to its palette in the form of its upholstered dining chairs. These have been smartly paired with a round brass marble top table that thematically matches the coffee tables in the living area. Dusty blue covers the nearby wall as well, further emphasise the invisible lines keeping these two spaces separate. For an added touch of personality, a cluster of pendant lights hanging at different heights illuminates the area and the abstract painting on the wall. Similarly, the kitchen has its own variation of the home’s existing palette with its combination of steel grey, wood and pure white.

Down the corridor illuminated by small lights installed in a cross-shaped indent in the ceiling, the master bedroom unsurprisingly takes all this to a new and more intimate level. Wood panel flooring coupled with black and dark wood furniture and dark brown floor-to-ceiling curtains gives the room a warm yet refined atmosphere. A brass marble-top bedside table blends in with the nearby grey wall while the combination of geometric wood panels and mirrors behind the bed creatively add substance to the space. Capping all this off is a monochrome piece of art and a distressed grey rug which take the colour scheme in an even more artistic direction.