A Sentimental Sanctuary




A07-09, Tropicana Avenue, No. 2, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Hearts and minds gripped by nostalgia, a growing number of people have developed a keen fondness for days gone by. This has translated to an increased interest in things that remind them of the past such as heirlooms, old artwork and antique furniture. A homeowner in SS2, Petaling Jaya was one such individual who also wanted a ‘back to nature’ theme so the designers obliged by incorporating various elements from times long gone into the residence’s interior. At its core, the home’s overall rustic aesthetic is meant to evoke the feeling of having travelled back to the past or being in a heritage building.

This impression is clear even before one has even set foot inside thanks to the placement of items from the olden days such as a half-log bench, an artwork of a chicken and some metal pails on the rough cement porch. The front door further adds to this effect with its old-fashioned wood plank design and black metal fittings.

Modern anachronisms here and there aside, the interior fully embraces the visual elements that come to mind when one ruminates about the past. Rough cement flooring and pure white walls and ceilings bring those thoughts of the past into the present and serve as a canvas of sorts for the rest of the décor. Artwork reminiscent of the heydays of a bygone era rests on a small rough wooden bench close to the entrance. Even the stairs have been similarly designed with their wood-topped white concrete steps and black metal railing.

In an effort to maximise space usage in the home, the area under the stairs has been converted into a storage area where the wine fridge, refrigerator and custom-made wood shelves with old wooden boxes can be found. On the other side of this is naturally the kitchen which has been equipped with pure white cabinets that blend in with the walls and a light grey countertop. Right next to it is the dining area where a dining set made from dark wood sits under a brass overhead light and a beautiful painting of a forest in autumn hangs on the nearby wall.

The living area naturally departs slightly from the overall theme with its modern light grey sofa and dice-shaped footstool. However, the wooden one-seaters and the custom-made television cabinet and coffee table made out of reclaimed wood from Bali make up for it. Adding to this is the use of glass Louvre windows to separate this area from the small work space next to it which is itself walled off from the outside with alternating floor-to-ceiling windows and stretches of empress breeze blocks.

Upstairs, the increased use of wood elements gives the more personal areas of the home a warmer atmosphere compared to the ground floor. This is accomplished primarily through the wood panel flooring and dark wood furniture. Even the sliding door separating the bed in the master bedroom from the room’s private lounge area is an old-fashioned wood panel door that continues the home’s overall theme by sporting black metal fittings.