Classically Captivating




No 24A, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor.

Tel: 07 556 2000 / 012 709 5796     



Iskandar Malaysia has quite a number of jewels in its crown with the township of Eco Springs being one of them. A sprawling utopia surrounded by pristine lakes and lush greenery, it boasts stunning 2-storey residences that capture the sophisticated beauty inherent in European architecture. One of these houses in particular has taken that core design to the next level with the help of Emily Chow who infused every square inch of its space with that same aura of refinement.

Designed to have an interior that is a synthesis of modern minimalism and traditional elegance, the abode exudes a warm ambience that is readily apparent from the entrance itself. This atmosphere is largely the result of a cleverly chosen combination of soft lighting and neutral colours as well as several key decisions about the handling of the layout. Every space was crafted to be both functional and comfortable, allowing residents and guests alike to relax and use them as intended without a care in the world.

The abstract art framed by a grey wall that greets whoever opens the front door sets the pace for the rest of the home with its colours and apparent simplicity which hints at a more complex nature upon further study. With the beige floor tiles representing the canvas, details like the white wall panels bracketed by strips of stainless steel with gold plating which house tube sconces effortlessly stand out.

This also applies to furnishings like the light brown sofa set in the living area and the wood television cabinet flanked by rippled glass. Complementing the wood and wood-inspired elements present is the marble coffee table while the wide assortment of throw pillows adds a welcome splash of colour to the area.

A similar setup can be observed in the dining area which has a marble-top dining table and cyan dining chairs for a charming mixture of class and character. Adding to that is the fact that its side of the wall shared with the living area mimics its twin almost in its entirety down to the panes of rippled glass. For more casual dining situations like a drink after a meal, there is a small counterlike table with a white marble top and high wood chairs off to the side. Another dining table and chair set can be found in the kitchen which is kept simple with a predominantly white colour palette.

Upstairs, the home’s warm atmosphere becomes even more apparent thanks to crafty design choices such as the use of wood panel flooring and more intimate lighting. The bookcase in the open space and the built-in wall shelf in the office sport under-shelf lighting, eliminating the need for overly bright overhead lights. Meanwhile, pieces like the office’s unusually-shaped desk and small touches like patterned carpets give each space their own quirky personality.