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1M, Jalan Gottlieb, Bagan Jermal, 10350 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +6012 422 9332 / 604 228 4332


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Regardless of whether it is a small one-storey house or a sprawling penthouse unit, the designers at ST Concepts see it as both their dream and responsibility to create a residential interior that lives up to the idea of ‘home sweet home’. That principle is readily apparent in this private condominium unit overlooking the Damansara township in Kuala Lumpur which was designed to be both stunning and practical.

Already generously expansive with its 3,400 square feet of area space, this home not only makes full use of every square inch available but also has elements which make it feel even more voluminous. Large mirrors placed at strategic locations around the home create the illusion of spaciousness which further enhances the very real sense of roominess that already exists. Adding on to this impression is the designers’ decision to use a more open-air concept when crafting nearly every area of the house.

The result is an overwhelming sense of freedom and capaciousness that runs unrestricted through the unit from the front door itself just like the primarily grey décor that dominates its main areas. A sleek and shiny marble floor that varies in pattern from the entryway to the main social areas of the unit brings a touch of deceptively simple elegance to the home.

To match it, the walls and ceiling have been done up with complementary shades of stone-based grey and white. This colour scheme is only broken up by the random painting and wood wall panel that add character to the space. Meanwhile, strategically placed lights and chandeliers illuminate the few parts that the natural light streaming through the large balcony glass doors cannot reach or stand ready to serve when night falls.

Instead of physical walls, every area is cleverly partitioned off from the other through methods such as the strategic placement of the furniture in order to preserve the home’s spaciousness. The living area makes excellent use of its two long grey velvet sofas to mark its boundaries, framing the coffee table and the brown faux fur rug it is resting on in the process. This colour palette is somewhat mirrored in the kitchen area which is itself separated from the rest of the home by a kitchen counter with a wooden top that is paired with simple wooden stools.

It is only when one venture further into the more private areas of the home that this scheme is artfully turned on its head with wood becoming the more predominant element while the marble plays a supporting role. Sophisticated wood panel flooring brings a warm yet still refined touch to the office and bedrooms, ensuring that the home’s occupants will be at ease when they are working or sleeping. This is naturally paired with wood furniture sporting various but equally tasteful veneers that add even more depth to every room.