KLAF 2019


Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival, KLAF 2019 organised by Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) will be held from the 21st June to 7th July 2019. It will be displaying new design, ideas and technology on the international stage.

DATUM: KL and Archidex will be one of the main events of KLAF 2019 to present, deliberate and study essential ideas, thoughts and concepts for a better tomorrow. Datum: KL, Datum: Green and Datum+Plus is Pam’s annual international architectural design conference that is both a platform for discourse and to showcase exemplary works of architecture from all around the world. The conference seeks to present internationally renowned architects of note. The theme for DATUM: KL 2019 is ‘TOMORROW’ where it lines- up highly acclaimed, local and international speakers that bring a variety of philosophies from both eastern and western architects, juxtaposed against each other for the participants to reflect up to the thoughts and ideas presented by the specially selected speakers. This year, DATUM: KL will be a 3-day event, from 4th – 6th July 2019, incorporating GREEN architecture and interior design works.

Next, Archidex would be marking its 20th milestone where it has established itself as the region’s leading annual trade exhibition for the architecture, interior design and building industry. Aside from being the region’s leading event to keep up-to-date with the latest products, trends and innovations from renowned brands, ARCHIDEX’s appeal also lies in its ever-growing range of concurrently – run professional networking events, conferences, forums and workshops. Moreover, Tomorrowland pavilion will display the latest in imaging and imaginary technologies, talks and discussions on the way ahead.

Don’t miss out your chance and do grab your place now to meet the international speakers that will be joining on the event too! 

1. Ingrid van der Heijeden

Ingrid van der Heijden born in 1968 in The Netherlands grew up believing that all architects were men. Ingrid co-founded Civic to deepen her all-around background with specific qualities. Her work focuses on architectural form, sensory qualities of materials and production Civic is an office for public architecture. They design libraries, bridges, cultural buildings, public fora, squares, educational buildings, housing, sculptures and stations. Civic is experimental, skilful, critical and realistic where research plays a defining role in our process. She now seeks a sustainable architecture that is just as interesting in 50 years as it is now: poetic pragmatism, timeless and pioneering.

2. Twitee Vajrabhaya

Twitee Vajrabhaya is one of the two principals of the Bangkok based design studio: Department of ARCHITECTURE Co. The firm practises architecture, interior design, landscape design, and other related design disciplines in a broad range of programmatic requirements. It focuses on developing ideas in architecture, researches on social, cultural, and physical context, as well as take on an exploration for alternative material utilization. Her works include projects in Thailand and abroad which have been published widely.


3. Peter Pichler

Peter Pichler is from Bolzano, Italy. During his studies, Peter joined renowned architecture offices like Zaha Hadid Architects in London, Delugan Meissl in Vienna, and OMA/Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam. He also believes that architecture must have a strong bond with the culture and history of a specific place. His interest falls in the analysis and research of vernacular architecture, materials, and elements that combined with technology can express a contemporary interpretation of the past. Despite his young age, he has already designed and completed award- winnings buildings and was a finalist at the Dezeen Awards for Emerging Architect of the Year.


4. Martijn de Geus

An award-winning Beijing based Dutch architect is Martijn. He built his first building, the BlackBox, at age 19, after winning the ‘who comes after Rem Koolhaas’ competition. His design philosophy is inspired by his early experience working six years as a zookeeper of Gorillas in the Netherlands. Recent projects include China’s first sustainable home, the world’s largest insect hotel, an integrated mountain-landscape Winter Olympic museum and two village generations north of Beijing. His academic work is published in international journals, and he has co-authored three books on the public realm in contemporary urban space.


5. Manuel Cervantes Cespedes

A member of the National System of art creators from 2016 and founder of MANUEL CERVANTES ESTUDIO / CC ARQUITECTOS in 2004 is Manuel Cervantes. His firm focuses on urban projects and mass transport, leading to research around Multimodal Transfer Centres (CETRAM) and Transit Oriented Development (TOD). He has done works for dependencies such as INFONAVIT and different Mexican Republic governments, as well as urban and architectural projects in several countries of the American Continent, in the same way, he has given workshops and conferences in several Universities in countries such as Mexico, United States, Spain and Portugal.


6. Ar. Teo Ah King

Australian Malaysian-born Teo Ah King is an acclaimed architect, entrepreneur, businessman and racehorse owner and breeder. However, it is master planning and developing nation building projects that Teo remains most recognized for during tenures as Senior Advisor to Heads of State including Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, The Right Honourable President Pervez Musharraf (then President of Pakistan), His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai). His latest endeavour is DSH Caribbean Star Limited, an organization that brings together all of his expertise across varied fields to master plan, develop and project manage Saint Lucia’s high-profile Pearl of the Caribbean Integrated Development.


7. Rodney Eggleston

Rodney Eggleston is an Australian architect and a founding director of March Studio. He has worked for Rem Koolhaas at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam. After returning to Australia in 2007, he co-founded March Studio with Parisian graphic artist Anne-Laure Cavigneaux. Rodney has headed most of March Studio’s award-winning work, receiving recognition by his peers in Australia.

8. Thomas Chapman

Born in Johannesburg in 1984, Chapman has done his studies that explore the reintroduction of “publicness” into the post-apartheid city. Chapman spent time working as a researcher in the fields of oral history and civic engagement and joined Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens as a professional architect in 2009. He is also the founder of Local Studio in Brixton, Johannesburg in 2012. Today, the firm employs 15 full-time staff and has a diverse portfolio of built work comprising public buildings, urban design schemes and private houses. Affordable housing, social infrastructure and public space sectors are responsible for several projects that have played a part in the regeneration of downtown Johannesburg.

9. Jeremy McLeod


Founding Director of Breathe Architecture is a team of dedicated Architects that have built a reputation for delivering high-quality design and sustainable Architecture for all scale projects. Breathe Architecture has been focusing on sustainable urbanisation and in particular, have been investigating how to deliver more affordable urban housing to Melbournians. Jeremy believes that architects, through collaboration can drive real positive change in this city we call home. Breathe were the instigators of The Commons housing project in Brunswick and now are collaborating with other Melbourne Architects to deliver the Nightingale Model where it is an open source housing model led by Architects.

10. Christian Trampedach

Christian Trampedach is originated from Denmark and the founding director of @restless.arch on Instagram. In just 3 years, Christian has built an audience of +1000,000 architecture-interested followers from all over the world is today considered as one of the strongest Instagram influencers within contemporary architecture. Restless Architecture is an Instagram magazine dedicated to showcasing the very best of contemporary living. Since Restless Architecture was founded in 2019, it has featured countless interesting architectural projects. Restless Architecture helps architects and designers to optimize their Instagram efforts by offering Instagram consulting and curation.

11. Arthur Huang

Arthur Huang is a structural engineer, architect, and circular economy innovator where he spent over a decade turning post-consumer waste into innovative products for business and consumers through his company, MINIWIZ. He focuses on accelerating the shift to a closed-loop circular economy where all products are made from recycled materials and eventually those products will be recycled too. MINIWIZ exists to make the circular economy a reality in everyday consumption by turning recycled material into high-performance applications and creates high-value raw materials, turnkey architecture and interiors, building modules, customizable consumer goods, and for the first time, luxury performance fabrics. The great enabler of its goals is its ability to demonstrate the financial feasibility of environmentally serving technologies, which often outcompete less sustainable technologies.

12. Prof. Dr Yehao Song


Director of Institute Architecture and Technology in School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. His research focuses on sustainable design and theory both in the fields of architecture and urban design, while highly promoting the combination of modern design and vernacular architecture in China. SUP Atelier is founder by Prof. Song Yehao from Tsinghua University School of Architecture in Beijing around 2011, dedicated to the research and practice on sustainable urban and architectural design. SUP Atelier also explores the simultaneous sustainability of natural resources and human community through high context sensibility, modest architectural strategies, and tectonic research on natural and local materials, in relevant to integrate buildings to the environment and community livings.

13. Tetsuo Kobori

Originated from Gifu, Japan he took a position with Kume Sekkei Co, Ltd, and in 2008 he established Tetsuo Kobori Architects. He believes that the role of architects is to create “ architectural experience” with intrinsic value interacting the land, people and the environment with the common sense and sensibility of the human beings. He is convinced that the architect’s function is to design motivational spaces and aims for universal values with the conviction that architect themselves need to embody that changes of people in the place and the changes of the area in the place.


For more information check out their website www.klaf.my or contact +603 2202 2866.