Mother Nature’s Blessing




Living an active and fulfilled lifestyle in the hustle and bustle of Singapore, this family of six sought a relaxing and tranquil space to escape. Tucked away in the corner of a quiet, residential alcove, the chosen site appeared to be perfect for creating a modern sanctuary. However, after close inspection, the architects from ONG&ONG became aware of two main concerns; an oddly shaped site, as well as the presence of a giant, mature Ficus Tree. The challenge for the architects would be to work with these challenges and ultimately achieve Mother Nature’s blessing.

The Ficus Tree is a gorgeous plant with gracefully drooping branches and glossy, green leaves. In its natural environment, these trees can grow up to 30 metres in height and its roots can be incredibly strong and destructive. When designing BT House, the architects at ONG&ONG chose to incorporate the Ficus into the overall design, perceptively orientating the home around the tree and celebrating this magnificent gift from nature. Not only does the home’s design honour the Ficus’ presence, the material and tonal palette of the home also maintains a natural theme with textures of hardwood, concrete and stone.

Composed of three levels, BT Houses’ highly porous ground level provides the foundation for this modern home. The kitchen and living areas boast travertine stone flooring and fully retractable glass windows that create a seamless convergence between inside and out.

Connecting the ground floor to the second floor is a striking, white, sculptural staircase that provides an eye-catching contrast to the concrete volume and timber detailing. An intricate timber lattice is the main feature of the middle level, cocooning the upper family rooms and casting a unique shadow across the interior throughout the day. Sitting atop BT House is an industrial-style, metal mesh that encases the attic, private gym and home’s mechanical services, and is the icing on the cake for this modern marvel.

A final design that exudes clarity and simplicity, BT House meets all the clients’ needs, hopes and aspirations – a truly modern home, amplified by a backdrop of lush, green landscaping.