Eco-Conscious Luxury



Prime Five Homes


839 N. Mansfield Ave, Los Angeles CA



From Spanish-colonial architecture to the rustic, Ranch style; the minimal modern movement and the globally famous Californian bungalow, Los Angeles has seen its fair share of market changes when it comes to residential construction. However, whether it was because of the unavailability of materials during World War II or a strong demand for the Spanish, stucco abode, the city of angels has neglected to consider the environmental impact construction and residential waste has on the environment; until now.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Mayer Dahan has grown up driving the streets that he now calls his workshop. With the desire to positively impact the day-to-day lives of people, Mayer founded Prime Five Homes; a residential development firm that constructs eco-conscious, luxury homes. With a design, construction process and idea that had not been seen before in the city, Mayer faced many challenges along the way but the firms’ magnum opus, 849 N. Curson, has now solidified its place in LA architectural history.

From the street, Mayer’s designs are easily identifiable. His signature eco-friendly, contemporary style boasts striking angles, textured materials and a multidimensional façade. Stepping inside the front door, the architectural statements continue as the vastness of the space has your eyes darting from one corner to another. With over 5000 square feet of living space, one key aspect of Mayer’s designs is his ability to effectively plan spaces in order to make the most of natural light and air-flow, as well as create a grand living environment.

The ground floor hosts the main living and entertainment areas including kitchen, dining, living room, dedicated home office, two-car garage, and floor-to-ceiling, sliding glass doors that retract into the walls to provide a seamless indoor/outdoor lifestyle and direct access to the private infinity pool. While the first floor accommodates the home’s five bedrooms, the luxury is not spared. Each room has beautiful high ceilings, walk-in robes, ensuites and access to an exterior space, continuing the integrated living environment throughout the home.

While awareness of space and use of unique, complex architecture are part of Mayer’s architectural code, use of the latest advancements in technology is another piece of his luxury, eco-conscious puzzle. Drought-resistant landscaping and a custom designed water capture system ensure the home’s efficient use of water supply, while solar panelling, LED lighting, facilities for electric car charging, and effective use of recycled materials keep the home’s carbon footprint to a minimum. In all his home’s, Mayer also installs fully-integrated Creston Home Automation which allows control of lighting, air-conditioning, home theatre and all electricals at all times, from any location; as well as tracking habits and managing the home’s utility usage. These technological innovations allow Mayer to create a sustainable and efficient living space while also providing the homeowners with the highest accommodations and comfort.

While Mayer describes his role as not just “building a business but building the future of housing”, he also holds himself responsible for giving back to the community that raised him. In order to do this, Mayer founded The Dream Builders Project in 2013. A non-profit organisation with no direct ties to a particular group or cause, The Dream Builders Project has provided funds and services to social issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, education, music and art therapy, and those with severe illness and disease. Prime Five Homes covers 100% of the charity’s administrative costs so that all profits raised go directly to the cause.

With his sights set on expanding Prime Five Homes into eco-friendly renovations for a variety of socioeconomic budgets, and taking The Dream Builders Project global, Mayer Dahan is a name to remember.