Library Rehabilitation & Communal Areas Restoration by Metrics Global


The reading habit among the public has been deteriorating as the increase in the use of social media day by day. On that note, in order to promote the habit of reading to the public and the future, Metrics Global has launched its first library and communal areas rehabilitation programmer at a local primary school, SJK (C) Batu 9, Cheras. 

Adhere to Metrics Global’s yearly goal of partaking in their corporate social responsibility, this year the Company aims to cultivate knowledgeable among the younger generation as well as enhancing the surrounding in communal spaces. The entire project is separated into 3 stages and it’s launching ceremony took place on the 22nd June 2019 in conjunction with the School Open Day. 

Stage 1: Building Lives by Recreating Spaces

This stage involves the selection of an interior design proposal based on the chosen theme, “Building Lives” that was done in April 2019. The invitation to redesign the school library was extended to 3 colleges, Saito College, Point College and Inti College. “Germination” was the concept curated by Goh Chin Boon from Point College that was chosen as it fulfils all the aspects and the execution was strongly supported by various sponsors. 

Stage 2: Reviving Landscape by Reintroducing Greenery 

Stage 2 involves Metrics Global and Carnaby Production to introduce the greenery with an objective of educating younger generations on the importance of vegetation coverage towards a sustainable climate. This is made possible with the Forest Department of Peninsular Malaysia that has agreed to lend a helping hand by sponsoring 200 trees to the school. 

Stage 3: Influencing You and Me, One Another

Stage 3 involves engaging in a chain of impactful collaborations with the real estate developers such as nurturing trees in a township, planting a tree for every property, or even setting up pocket gardens within shopping malls. 

Metrics Global is passionate and ambitious to gather more forces in the quest of environmental preservation and community improvement with that said the company has an aim on spreading positive values all around to create a better world together. 

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