Above-the-Curve Designs


Headquartered as and for business professionals alike, this office space is Movent Design’s take of an esteemed, cosmopolitan scene.

Lifestyle, innovative and prestigious; these would be the words that defined Movent Design. An interior design company founded by two likeminded friends, they share the same values and ultimate goals in life. A one-of-a-kind when it comes to its brand and identity, Movent Design is unlike any other interior design company.

Offering four styles of interior collection that would leave their clientele in awe, property investment company KYY Empire Sdn Bhd without any doubt, entrusted their office headquarters based in Kuala Lumpur with Movent’s customised conceptualisation. Looking at their client’s business nature, the creative designers decided to outline and position the office interior with their design collection: Stadtisch.

Nothing raw and industrial, Städtisch is inspired by a modern horticultural style. Perfect for a tropical climate like Malaysia, it speaks on the eco-environment theme using standard wood tones and textures. Accompanied it with hues of white, the reception area is polished with fine marble within a rather dim ambience. The interior is further enhanced with strips of flashy, yellow lighting hidden at the edge of the curvaceous ceiling and floorboard, giving it off a contemporary, grand and mysterious ambience.

The theme trails through the bend walkway, where the dark wood-tone wall upholds a rhythm of beautiful artwork. Despite its small built-up area, the designers manage to throw in the company’s very own cafeteria. Built on a slightly elevated platform, the cafeteria is arrayed with round tables and upholstered in today’s style and touch. There, it displays the most essential element of the design collection – plants in terrariums, but not in jars. The designers adopt it to fully create a green-living wall instead, setting something fresh among the solid materials.

Standing as a multi-business company, KYY Empire expects countless number of clientele visits from the most professional lawyers and bankers inside and outside of China. Hence, the headquarters office space accommodates a substantial conference hall for training purpose and other business agenda. Not forgetting, the meeting rooms that host all sort of internal and external meetings. The workstation area is placed in a brighter room, using natural lighting for a better working environment. All of for ensuring hospitality is key to their corporate clients overseas, the cigar rooms are schemed with comfort in mind for their relief pleasure or an adjourn from the long flight, where drinks are also served before any business matters or deals are made. A distinguished working style and serene place for business professionals alike, the office headquarters is an emphasis of sleek, enticing and the inevitable Städtisch, a German expression of – urban.

For more information, visit www.moventdesign.com