Art Exhibition : Serpents in the Sun

You Are Here

Suma Orentalis presents an exhibition titled, “Serpents in the sun that is organized by Marvin Chan on the 4th to 18th August. ‘Serpents In The Sun’ explores the disambiguation of religiousness, the simplistic employment of Good and Evil which can easily be arbitrated by permissions and law. In Marvin’s own words, “Serpents can be poisonous creatures, and under most circumstances, misunderstood, in Christian belief it represents evil. Picking up where Adam and Eve left off in the garden, I feel that the serpent may infer to a flaw in their faculty to discern. A flaw which is evident up till this day.”

Shelter From The Storm

Thus, ‘Serpents in the Sun’, paints the image in my head that evil is casually slithering around our plain sight. That Evil is in us. Fortunately so is Good. Our religious preoccupation to what is Good and Evil, and our struggle to make sense out of it, may be the defining theme that makes us human beings. People are religious, because they believe that they will be rewarded, but this motivates us to do unthinkable things. 


It makes us unkind, distorted and lost. We are very simply wanderers in search of our insatiable fulfilment. I present that we are constantly visited by ideas and suggestions which sometimes, for the better of our judgement be the reasons for our folly. For lust surely lives in a cave in our heart. Our need to be comforted and assured of our place in this world makes us vulnerable and this encourages us to collude in “a” way to be good, to be accepted and ultimately be loved. And so we merrily row our boats. 

Row Your Boat Merrily

Away from the glaring judgement of others, contentions lay awake inside of our minds wrestling like snakes until we leech on to an ‘answer’. We live like hermit crabs carrying the burden of our disguise with the hopes that we may make it pass our ultimate judge of character. Our relentless journey to somewhere just so we can run away from something else, doesn’t make us wicked.Finally after all that running and collusion, I do think that Good and Evil lives in the same house.”

The exhibition will be held at Suma Orientalis. For more information, please visit