Magnificent Masonry



Add: 57-1, Petaling Utama Avenue,

Jalan PJS 1/50, Petaling Utama Avenue,

46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +6016 626 1214 / +6012 387 5838


Almost entirely decked out in stunning marble from start to end with different veining giving each area its own character, this home has a sense of luxury to it that is charmingly subtle.

Asked to turn this expansive residence into a place of conversation, the designers at Nu Infinity took advantage of their client’s receptiveness to the use of unconventional materials to develop a rather unorthodox design. The spaciousness of the abode was the first concern as the proportions of the new design elements had to be considered first in order to ensure they were compatible with the original design. 

Additional factors were also taken into account such as the fact that one side of the building was receiving the majority of the natural light. This prompted the use of high-gloss materials to reflect the light and thus illuminate the interior spaces located further inside the house. 
While the overall concept would be one of modern luxuries, the home would also have a somewhat rustic kind of cosiness to it especially in specific areas. As a result, a combination of classically lavish materials such as marble and timeless natural elements such as wood was incorporated into the design. 

At the heart of this would be a specially selected grey marble with specks of gold in it that replaced the entire residence’s flooring and would undoubtedly garner attention and kick-start conversations. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, the placements were conducted by laying them off-site and letting the homeowner take part in the decision-making process. The preferred selections were then installed in prominent attention-grabbing locations while the less desirable slabs were placed in out-of-sight areas. 

Aside from the marble, each area of the residence has its own unique design element that sets it apart from the others. In the case of the dining room, its sense of grandeur is accentuated by its ceiling feature which blurs the line between the interior and the exterior of the house in such a way that it seems larger than its actual size. Meanwhile, the master bedroom has a bolder palette compared to the rest of abode in order to give it a strong and unique atmosphere.