Alluringly Atypical



Add: 57-1, Petaling Utama Avenue,

Jalan PJS 1/50, Petaling Utama Avenue,

46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +6016 626 1214 / +6012 387 5838


Already a grandiose residence due to its location and size, this penthouse earns its name to the fullest extent with its distinctive design, luxurious materials and ornate furnishings.

Part of Damansara Uptown’s transformation into an even more vibrant and diverse urban community, Uptown Residences represents the master development’s promise of a more balanced way of living. As someone who loved the city and their culture, the owner of the condominium’s penthouse unit wanted their home to similarly balance both of these things. Presented with this unconventional brief, the Nu Infinity team were inspired to craft a modern oriental concept that managed to capture the essence of Malaysia. 

Called Opulent 30, the project presented several interesting challenges from the start. The uniqueness of its open floor plan and the luxury that was the abundant amount of available space made a unique approach necessary. Aside from ensuring that each individual space clearly expressed its own character, there was also a requirement to work in the client’s love for animals into the design. At the same time, the entire residence had to present a seamless flow in terms of its aesthetics.
This was all ultimately achieved through a combination of extravagant materials, fine details, beautiful finishes and ambient lighting. By paying close attention to every single one of these elements, the penthouse’s luxurious and sophisticated nature was easily highlighted.

Colours and patterns naturally also played an important part in creating the right visual and ambience that would give each space special meaning. For example, the usage of materials such as white Volakas marble alongside other simpler naturally-occurring ones such as wood in the living area creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The touch of modernity in the home’s design comes through clearly in specific ways such as the decision to use burnished metal and stainless steel for certain furnishings. Elements such as the black partition near the floor-to-ceiling windows and frames for the Oriental paintings in the living area give the space a welcome dose of artistic functionality.

Other details that further adds to the urban feel of the residence include textured plaster wall finishes and coloured mirrors such as those found in the living area. Meanwhile, the dining area and dry kitchen have their own unique modern fixtures such as bronze globe pendant lights in the former and a hexagonal tile mosaic covering the stretch of wall above the kitchen cabinets in the latter.

As expected, it is the bedrooms where the marriage of contemporary appeal and oriental charm can be seen and appreciated to their fullest. The headboards are the undeniable centrepieces of each sleeping area, grandly setting each of them apart from the rest through a mixture of unique shapes, patterns and even materials. One bedroom in particular has as its headboard an irregular amalgamation of rich wood panels and fabric feature panels with cushion infill that have carefully selected artwork painted on them.