A Spectacle of Shapes




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Contemporary tastes, natural elements and simple geometry come together beautifully to create a home interior that delights on multiple levels.

Conveniently close to major business and recreational hubs, Mutiara Gombak 2 is a modern tropical guarded community that offers welcome refuge from the buzz of city life. This calming natural effect happened to be what residents of this matured mixed development wanted as part of their personal sanctuary along with some some urban elements. As such, Tam Tong Lim, owner and principal creative designer of Designculture Studio and the lead interior designer of this project chose to blend a modern contemporary concept with stylised geometric shapes made from natural materials for the abode. The results of this creative mixture can be found in elements such as a stunning feature wall, detailed ceilings and exquisite tiling work.

Living areaThis unique approach to design is most evident in the living area which is the central point of the home’s social space. It boasts an open concept layout that adds to the residence’s already notable sense of spaciousness and distinguishes itself by having a brown palette and a room divider that has been combined with display shelves. This is complemented by the brown sofa that has a curved end on one side and a long section on the other which matches the sharp corner created by the aforementioned room divider. Here, wood strips that create rectangle patterns frame small slots that serve as stylish display spaces. Contrasting this is the wall behind the television with its irregular white and grey rectangle panels which cleverly disguise a hidden door.

Dining areaThe dining area, despite being right next to the living area, has its own distinctive aesthetic at the request of the owner which truly sets it apart from the adjoining social space. Its warm atmosphere makes it perfect for family meals which are enjoyed at the brown marble-topped dining table while everyone is seated on the dark brown upholstered dining chairs. This impression is largely assisted by the grand centrepiece of this space which is the undeniably attention-grabbing feature wall made out of white symmetrical lens blocks arranged in a flower pattern on top of a large mirror. Appropriately named the Circle of Life, it is a wonderfully modern take on naturally-occurring patterns expressed through geometric shapes and truly a sight to behold.

KitchenMeanwhile, the kitchen was kept simple and utilitarian while still staying true to the home’s overarching theme. White marble covers the kitchen countertops and island, creating a buffer for the light grey cabinets and chevron wall panels. Concrete floor and wall tiles complete the overall look which is intriguingly contrasted by a section of wall covered in rich dark wood panels instead. Altogether, it is a simple yet stunning display of how modern and natural elements can meet so effortlessly.

Ring ChandelierUp the wooden stairs, another attractive circular piece of art in the form of a ring chandelier commands attention even as it casts its light on the first floor of this expansive home. The solid wood flooring used in these private spaces is a perfect match for the wooden headboards and bedside tables which are present in every bedroom. One bedroom sets itself apart by housing a small study, a stainless steel wall rack and an exclusive en-suite bathroom that is partially hidden by a cleverly designed door. As for the other bedrooms, each one establishes its own distinct personality while still remaining in harmony with the grand theme of this family-oriented home. Dramatically creative in the way it blends natural and urban materials, this home is a brilliantly-designed residence that maintains a welcoming feeling regardless of the time of day.


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