Gilded Glamour




ADD: No, 42-3A, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

TELL: 03 8066 7966 / 016 607 2155


The epitome of understated opulence, this home boasts an aesthetic that appears simple on the surface but has subtle hints of indisputable splendour peeking through.

Living AreaAn exclusive low-density enclave located at the peak of Seremban 2 Heights, Saujana Duta blesses its residents with stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and the greenery around it. Occupying one of the exclusive homes in this development is a family of four who naturally each had their own personalities and preferences that were wildly different from the other. Naturally, Kate Choo strove to come up with a concept that accommodated these differences when she was recruited to design their abode. Aiming for a sleek and fresh look, she decided on a modern contemporary aesthetic that was complemented by a primarily neutral palette.

Well-crafted PartitionsPractical with hints of luxuriousness, the final product is an overall theme that can be clearly seen in every area and room but still allows for each space to be just unique enough to set itself apart from another. This was made possible through custom-made carpentry work as well as the occasional dash of bright and bold colours that complement the existing palette. An excellent example is how the areas are physically and visually divided with the help of well-crafted partitions and cleverly selected furniture. For an added touch of flair, the plaster ceiling sports unique designs which add to each area’s distinct character.

Living & Dining AreaOn that note, the living area’s defining element is undeniably the custom-made television backdrop and its striking gold elements. Display cabinets and shelves can be found here aplenty, having been installed so that the family’s large collection of knick-knacks can be showcased in style. Nearby, the dining set makes a strong statement of its own with its black marble-topped round dining table and black upholstered dining chairs. As for the AV room, a focus on functionality and comfort kept the space simple and tidy although the wall panels still have their own secrets in the form of hidden shelf spaces.

AV RoomDark hardwood flooring sets the tone for the top floor and its rooms by creating a welcome sense of warmth that builds on the home’s existing cosy atmosphere. Being the sanctums of each family member, the bedrooms further enhance this and express their occupants’ personalities with the help of tailor-made furnishings and decorations. The master bedroom naturally stands out the most with its high recessed ceiling, beautiful textured wallpaper and custom-made upholstered headboard. Not to be outdone, a smaller bedroom distinguishes itself by being capable of transforming into a spacious study with the help of a hidden wall bed and built-in workstation and shelves.

Tap floor Living Area


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