Restrainedly Raw




ADD: C3-5-9, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

TELL: 03 6211 5548


A magnificent mix of modern, industrial and natural elements, this home has a deceptively simple aesthetic that is effortlessly attention-grabbing regardless.

Radiating exclusivity from its coveted location in Kenny Hills to its top-notch facilities, Tijani 2 North offers its residents an environment perfect for relaxation and contemplation thanks to its lush landscaping and status as a private enclave. One such lucky individual, however, wanted their home to take it to the next level and be a sanctuary within a sanctuary but without sacrificing its urban feel. Given these guidelines, Jake Chow specially tailored a primarily modern concept that had a light industrial touch and a visual dedication to the beauty of nature for the duplex unit.

Open concept layoutOverall, the abode has a neutral palette that is expressed primarily through carefully selected furnishings and creates a warm and comforting atmosphere from the get-go. This is aided by the residence’s incredibly spacious nature and open concept layout which allows air and sunlight inside and around unobstructed. Influenced by the industrial design concept, the décor draws most of its allure from showcasing raw materials in all their glory. Another level of subtle complexity was also added through the use of a variety of textures in selected areas and forms.

Living AreaWhile all of these elements permeate the entire unit’s design, it is the living area that best captures their beauty all in one sweeping space. Rough concrete adds both colour and texture to the stretch of wall that connects the marble floor to the double-volume ceiling uninterrupted. Meanwhile, warmth and character are provided in practical form by the beige living room set which includes an L-shaped sofa, single-seat piece and curved upholstered bench. Aside from the sunlight filtering in through the large glass doors, nature is also represented by the coffee table made out of reclaimed train wood which perfectly matches the space’s colour scheme.

Dining AreaTucked away in a nearby nook, the dining area establishes its own personality with its dining set which uses dark wood and black leather upholstery to make a statement. Ornate pendant lights stand ready to provide illumination at night or when the black blinds are pulled down for the sake of privacy. Further setting this space apart from the others in its close proximity is the coat of ocean blue paint covering its one wall and the carved set of drawers covering half of said wall.

Kitchen PeninsulaThe kitchen just next to it takes things a step further by being almost wholly decked out in wood surfaces of multiple types. Herringbone solid wood flooring is seamlessly matched with dark wood strips covering the wall separating it from the dining area and black wood panels that disguise a hidden door in the opposite wall and continue around the corner into the living area. As a final touch, the kitchen peninsula has Japanese Sen veneer sides and a light grey top that complement the metal-framed bar stools lined up against it.

Upper floorThis theme is unsurprisingly also present on the upper floor where a lounge furnished with a grey leather sofa set and a television cabinet made of reclaimed train wood can be found. The brick-pattern solid wood flooring and large black wooden wall panels here naturally continue into the bedrooms which each have their own charming take on the overall theme to make them unique. In the case of the master bedroom, grey textured paint mimicking rough concrete decorates the wall behind the bed, offering some lightness to counter the black wooden panels on the opposite side. Two wooden open-box bedside tables flanking the bed and a light grey leather upholstered bench near the floor-to-ceiling windows complete the look.


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