Classically Regal




ADD: 13-3-3, Jalan Setia Prima AU13/A, Setia Prima, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.

TEL: 03-33433881


This modern classy residence makes an almost magical, dreamy, and dramatic statement with a combination of warm, elegant, and regal characteristics

Inspired by the grace and beauty of the Straits Era, this development at Eco Majestic blends exquisite design and the spirit of conservation to create an extraordinary sense of timelessness. Staying true to the development’s concept and owner’s aspiration, the designers at Konan Design have designed a modern home with a classy touch.

Living AreaWhile having ease of mobility, this home has good utilisation of space within the interiors and corridors with mirrored doors blurring the barriers between the interiors and the garden courtyard. Horizontal and vertical lines give form, function, and elegance of the living space, while the stairway’s dynamic lines give a dramatic sense of ascension to the realms above. The palest tints of yellow with white create a warm feeling within the home. The presence of natural light produces subtle shadows and highlights architectural details, creating an elegant setting. Visual textures and geometry patterns adorn the walls of most rooms to create a sense of balance and symmetry in the living space.

Dining AreaLighting of complementary colour schemes of violet and yellow create a surprising sense of magic and elegance, almost like polar opposites of night and day, at the entrance doorway. The open concept of the living and dining rooms create a sense of spaciousness within the home’s main social space. However, the rooms are still clearly defined in their functions by the geometry of their plaster ceilings. The highlight of the living room is the regal blue chesterfield sofa set that is positioned in its midst. Combined with the rug positioned in its midst, the beautiful and soft sofa set leaves a sense of regal inspiration as one relaxes comfortably on it.

Colour combinations of lavender evident on the curtains and dining set, with flowers at the centre of the dining table, leave a sense of nostalgia within the dining room, reminding us of dreamy moments, poetry, and romantic ideals. The lightened tints of clear blue seas and neighbouring homes, combined with cushions and soft rug, create within the adjacent utility room a private space of calming and restful environment.

Kitchen areaThe bright glossy white kitchen cabinets and primarily black rectangular-tiled floor in unassuming grid layout act as a canvas that enables attention to be drawn upon the warm light in the midst of the cabinet set, stove and hood fittings, and the warm utilitarian pewter double-door refrigerator, leaving the sense of a modern home-maker who spends less time at home.

MasterbedroomThe master bedroom retains the sense of regal elegance by following the overall colour scheme of the home. Vertical ceiling-high mirrors at the side of the bed enhance the sense of spaciousness of the bedroom, both in height and width. The grassy landscape along the courtyard is a natural connection from the bedroom to its natural and majestic surroundings. In another bedroom, a regal colour scheme of blue-violet and white leaves a sense of regal inspiration and authority, having a coolness that provides a comfortable respite from the hot and humid weather.

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