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Through the conservative use of colours and materials in this expansive home, its subtle details are able to stand out and create a visual that is equally refined and restrained.

Only a short drive away from Kuala Lumpur, Eco Sanctuary is a self-described eco-themed haven that embodies modern living close to the best of nature. The clever use of green architecture and conservation practices throughout has made living here a greenery-centred relaxing experience. However, one homeowner here wanted their residence to have a markedly more contemporary feel to it that only minimally tied into the development’s theme. Given these instructions, Allen Ng Chin Wei came up with a modern luxury concept that keeps things simple but still sophisticated.

Living AreaEmploying a predominantly monochrome palette supplemented with splashes of brown, the residence is defined by clean-cut lines and fine details. An excellent example of this is the living area which relies on touches of complementary colours and materials to give it a unique character. The defining element here is undoubtedly the grey wood panels behind the television that are part of the television cabinet. Horizontal and vertical gold strips outline each panel, creating a pattern that is quietly distinguished, while two brown leather armchairs have been paired with black fabric upholstered sofas.

Dining + Kitchen AreaIn contrast, the dining area and kitchen has a more even balance between the colours in its palette although it is expressed in a rather unique manner. Black takes centre stage in the dining area, expressed in everything from the black marble dining table to the mid-century chandelier overhead. It is offset by the dark brown of the upholstered dining chairs that have been placed here. Meanwhile, the kitchen employs a combination of light brown wood and white panels for its cabinets. A grey marble slab adds functional beauty to the space in the form of the kitchen island’s top which has a pillar covered with brown mirror glass panels that stylishly magnify the area’s sense of spaciousness.

Bedroom 1The more private sections of the home naturally offer up their own interpretations of the established palette although all of them lean more heavily on the use of brown. This primarily took the form of hardwood flooring and the liberal use of brown wood panels in everything from the wardrobes to the study desks. Elements like the grey cushioned window seat in the master bedroom and black wood panels in one of the smaller bedrooms allow each room to convey their occupant’s personality without compromising the overall theme.

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