Modern Elegant Living




ADD: Unit 15-3, Level 3, Block C1, Jalan PJU 1/41, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

TELL: 03 7887 0588 / 0333234679 / 012 791 3473


Spaciousness, ease of mobility, harmony, warmth, and comfort are hallmarks of a residence that adopts a modern design style.

Located within an internationally recognised affluent township, this residence adopts a modern home concept that reflects its resident’s lifestyle and the surrounding neighbourhood. Given that the residence is already spacious, the designers have ensured that its occupants will have ease of mobility. The horizontal and vertical alignment of fittings and furnishings clearly establishes a balanced sense of harmony, contrast, and unity within each living functional space. There is plenty of incoming natural lighting to illuminate the interiors. The flooring and walls have warm colours that create a comforting, spontaneous, and welcoming living environment for its residents. A contrast of soft and hard textures creates an appealing visual environment that is comforting.

Living RoomThe living room arouses an interesting sense of comfort and curiosity. With a spacious social space, one questions the need for a wall divider to separate the living room from the dining room and dry kitchen. The presence of natural light produces subtle shadows and highlights architectural details, fashioning an elegant setting with the palest tints of yellow with white to create a pastel cream look of class and comfort. The neutral coloured carpet and sofa set, together with the dynamic wall feature, blend naturally within the room’s design style.

Dining Area & KitchenThe sense of comforting elegance within the living room is replicated in the open space that covers the dining room and dry kitchen, while leaving an impression of surprise and realisation. The dining room has a modern chandelier that leaves the impression of birds flying in one direction. There is a unique experience of dining at the dry kitchen while watching television that is attached to the wall divider, realising its purpose and function, with a view of the dining room’s chandelier above the television focus line. The wet kitchen retains the sense of warmth and spaciousness that is evident within the residence’s main social space.

Master BedroomThe earthy colour of the bedrooms creates a sense of richness, warmth, and vitality. It brings to mind leisure living, which is appropriate for a place of rest. The master bedroom has a good mix of hard and soft surfaces. The contrast between the wooden flooring and cupboard with the one-seat sofa, bed, chair, and wall enhances the sense of comfort. The wardrobe room’s glass door cupboards have a sense of spaciousness, with adequate space for movement. Sticky note panels and study table lamps within other bedrooms are tell-tale signs of studious persons. When various elements of the residence are put together, a sense of modern elegant comfortable living is established for its residents.

Wardrobe Room

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