A Rugged Retreat




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Capitalising on the allure of raw materials, this spacious residence accentuates its modern elements with rustic touches to create an aesthetic that is more holiday resort than urban home.

Strategically located in a highly accessible part of Shah Alam, Setia Eco Park is the very manifestation of the idea of luxury living within the comforting embrace of nature. Surrounded by a scenic landscape comprised of both lush greenery and pristine bodies of water, it is the perfect setting for a dream home. One lucky individual living here wanted their abode to capitalise on this to its fullest extent in order to achieve a modernised resort-like ambience. The designers at The Roof Studio were inspired by their client’s interest in the allure of raw materials and achieved their given goal by creating a modern tropical concept that is uniquely magical.

Living RoomThe first step in the semi-D house’s transformation involved space planning which primarily revolved around the reworking of its rather traditional layout. In order to create the desired open space layout, several non-structural walls were removed. This had the added benefit of rectifying the existing lighting and ventilation issues present in the original layout. Furthermore, large glass panels were installed wherever strategically possible in order to allow natural light inside to illuminate the residence’s interior. Because of this, the gorgeous garden view outside can also be fully appreciated from the comfort of the indoors. Last but not least, the patio and terrace were repurposed with the aim of enhancing the design’s functionality.

Inside, the warmth of raw materials such as timber and concrete permeates the entire abode, creating a comfortable and laidback atmosphere that brings holiday villas to mind. This is best observed in the expansive living room which balances its modern elements like white sofas with items such as a round wooden coffee table. Nevertheless, the highlight of this space is undeniably the six-panel glass section in the ceiling which doubles as a skylight feature. Instead of being just a novelty addition, it serves the purpose of supplementing the natural lighting in the area with light from the family hall above it. 

Dining areaIn contrast, the dining room leans more heavily towards embracing the materials chosen for the residence in their entirety. Raw concrete pillars caged in a black metal wire frame create a visual border between this area and its neighbouring ones without boxing it in. Here, the reclaimed wood dining table adds both warmth and personality effortlessly, making it perfect for family meals. It also establishes a thematic connection with the garden visible through the nearby glass doors.

Kitchen areaFollowing a similar theme, the dry kitchen uses the unrefined beauty of raw concrete to its fullest and matches it with a combination of wood grain, grey and black cabinets. Unsurprisingly, the wet kitchen outside does the same by using concrete for its countertops which have been paired with black cabinets. For an added touch of industrial-style appeal, several black wire mesh single wall shelves have been installed above the sink.

Family HallUp the staircase, hardwood flooring generously delivers on the chosen theme and creates the cosy atmosphere generally associated with the more private sections of any home. The family hall which has the living room’s skylight feature as part of its floor has been furnished with light furniture that adds colour without detracting from the area’s star element. Last but not least, the master bedroom makes a grand statement with not only its engraved wood panel headboard but also the exposed brick décor covering the section of wall above the bed.


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