Making People’s Imagination Reality


In collaboration with MTIB

Passion drives Doctor Kayu to discover innovative ways to fulfil clients’ expectations.

Doctor Kayu, known for its build and design services, was started by Nur Liyana in 2016. She started wood crafting as a hobby, out of passion for making things with her own hands, before expanding her business. She started doing customised furniture and her first work was a coffee table using oriental strength board (OSB). She expanded her business by buying more machines and started doing built-in stylish and affordable kitchen cabinets and wainscoting. Doctor Kayu has also ventured in interior designing. Her current work is designing and building a kid’s playland for Aman Ville at Wangsa Walk Mall.

Doctor Kayu’s design philosophy is to make people’s imagination to become reality. Her team will help to improve on the concepts based on customer’s imagination, making them a reality. Customers are always inspired by a celebrity’s home, fancy restaurant, or industrial designs. Doctor Kayu offers consultation to help their customers define their furniture, interior design needs, and lifestyle solutions to their customers.

Nur Liyana, Founder of Doctor Kayu

The company is always looking forward to new business partnerships for maximum impact in lifestyle design. During the early part of her journey in this field, she met Azlan from and they collaborated in this field since 2017. She believes that collaboration is important for start-ups to grow and succeed.

Doctor Kayu has grown and has invested in the necessary electronic infrastructure to ease their clients’ interaction with the company via online order. They can also request for quotations at She has built a new website with clients in mind. The streamlined user interface provides a more interactive experience, allowing her clients and prospects to easily find the information they are looking for. 

Visitors can browse the website, meet her team, learn more about its services, explore new project portfolios, and read her blog. She invites guests to connect with the Doctor Kayu Team on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and website to stay engaged in her continued growth and collaboration. The company also offers after sales service with parts claim support.

MTIB has been supporting Doctor Kayu on giving new information that is needed by a new entrepreneur and helping to promote her new business. It is her hope that Doctor Kayu becomes a global player in the furnishing industry. She believes that it is important to stay focused on goals and work towards achieving it. Nothing bears fruit overnight. Be prepared for challenges and be flexible to accommodate unforeseen changes.

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