A Timeless Beauty


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There isn’t really a material out there that natural wood furniture doesn’t pair well with. So when you’re styling your home don’t be shy to complement natural timber with other materials as the end result will definitely be awe-inspiring

Choosing the right piece of furniture either custom-made or store-bought can elevate your entire home aesthetics. Unlike fashion trends that change at the blink of an eye, furniture trends tend to linger therefore ensure your time and money is invested rightly. One of the trends worth investing in is wooden furniture. This evergreen trend is a style that homeowners and interior designers alike never grow tired of as wooden furniture create a warm and homey ambiance.

garden setFor expert insight in wooden furniture, Esta Ventures Sdn Bhd is a go-to establishment since they were first established in 2004 under another company before being incorporated as an independent company in 2014. Tthis family-run business has experience in the furniture industry that spans for more than two decades. Their humble beginnings took root when the husband of Mrs. Lucy Yu Lee Chin, director of Esta Ventures Sdn Bhd, was in the timber industry. Initially, focusing on trading of timber, he gradually started exploring other arenas within the industry.

According to Lucy, when her husband realised furniture were being sold at a high price, he wanted to shake the industry by manufacturing and selling quality furniture at a competitive price to allow more people to buy beautiful furniture. With that seed of thought, Esta Ventures was built and today they are one of the more successful wooden furniture manufacturers that exports their products to India, Canada, Switzerland, the Middle East and USA where Esta Ventures works with wholesalers such as Walmart, Costco, Target to provide every customer the opportunity to own beautifully-designed items.

gazeboProviding both indoor and outdoor items, Esta Ventures puts more focus on outdoor furniture as the demand for dining set, pergola, and gazebo among others is encouraging. According to Mr. Louis Ho, the Marketing and Sales Executive of Esta Ventures Sdn Bhd, the current coveted trend is the rustic style where a lot of natural materials such as wood and stone is used while keeping the design simple and natural with an earthy undertone to it.

Customers approach Esta Ventures not only for the finished products but also for custom-made designs provided by the design team. Homeowners can opt for the design team to come up with unique designs or entrust the design team to replicate a design of their choice.

Esta Ventures choice of wood when it comes to building furniture is Meranti, a well-known hardwood that can withstand any weather which is perfect for Esta Ventures as climate differs in other parts of the world. Louis also added that wood furniture can be changed over time to give it a second, third or fourth life. By sanding and staining, or painting, you can refinish wood furniture and give it an entirely new look and that is the beauty of wooden furniture.

esta ventures teamWith a love of creating, designing and developing; together with their team Lucy looks forward to changing the aesthetics of homes…one home at a time while continuing to develop the Esta Ventures brand in years to come.

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