Creating Unique Eco-Friendly Furniture


In collaboration with MTIB.

Waris Papan gives abandoned wood a second life by adopting a philosophy of sustainability and innovation.

Waris Papan was established in 2014, specialising in customised woodworking and promotion of green living. With the advancements of science and technology, furniture design has greatly improved over the years. The increasing in-demand evolving trends of innovative furnishing concepts for stylish and conscious homes, hotels, restaurants, and resorts have contributed to its existence.

dining setMembers of Waris Papan believe in the vision of giving abandoned wood a second life. Its goals and mission are to raise environmental awareness and to encourage people, especially Malaysians, to choose sustainable and eco-friendly furniture. Its core products are customised furniture made of reclaimed wood for residential and commercial furnishing, such as dining tables & chairs, kitchen cabinet, doors, windows, bedroom sets, computer tables, bookshelves, and benches.

exterior finishingsWaris Papan’s most noteworthy project was located at a hotel in Sunway, Petaling Jaya. 44 bedrooms were furnished with bedroom sets, consisting of bed frame, side table, laptop desk with chair, and unique head boards (accessorised with handmade Tikar Mengkuang by Orang Asli). This project was special as 100% of materials used was used, matching Waris Papan’s vision. It is very thankful to its client for choosing eco-friendly furniture and playing a very important role in green living.

It works closely with its customers to come up with excellent ideas, producing quality furniture to satisfy customer taste and needs at a great price. By buying eco-friendly furniture, people are saving the environment, preventing deforestation, producing less waste, and saving on costs for unique furniture.

world mapWaris Papan has attributed its growth to MTIB, which has helped to develop its exposure and experience, and granted access to highly targeted audience, resulting in increases in its sales revenue. It plans to expand its market size by participating in trade and furniture fairs in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The company is setting up a new subsidiary to improve its management style. Gemala Design, the subsidiary company, will be launching in January 2020, producing its existing products, creating new marketing strategy, and focusing on its upcoming products: collective handmade home décor displays such as wall art and vases.

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