Making a Comeback


In collaboration in MTIB.

In this modern world where everyone is keeping up with the trendiest trends, there is nothing wrong with going vintage. Reintroducing a style that is almost forgotten is always welcome especially when it is tastefully done, like the rattan furniture. There is only love for this eternal trend.

When we take a walk down memory lane, many among us can reminisce a time where our parents and grandparents homes had rattan furniture. Does the imagery of a living room filled with rattan furniture come to mind? Do you memories of sitting on sturdy but worn chairs come to mind? The kind of chairs that made sitting a painful affair if not for the foam-filled and sometimes lumpy cushions adorned with colourful floral covers? Back in the days, it was common for every home to be furnished with mostly rattan furniture as it was durable, lightweight and easily available but slowly the rattan furniture gave way to other materials.

dinning setJust like phased out fashion trends that are making a comeback on the runways, the rattan furniture trend too is seeing a revival and now it is back again with more designs suited for the modern homes. Rattan furniture is getting even more popular and they are not just confined to the outdoors, homeowners are now opting for rattan furniture such for indoors as well simply because it brings about an element of nature and its unmatched aesthetic appeal. Like the Little Black Dress that is timeless and a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, rattan furniture too carries a similar appeal with homeowners and interior designers.

Furniture items made with rattan never goes out of style and is versatile enough to fit any home style. Whether it’s a residential or commercial space, you can rely on your chic rattan furniture to instantly make your space look classy and sophisticated. Appreciating that rattan is a beautiful material to work with, Rinaat Cane Sdn Bhd focuses on producing rattan furniture. Founded in 1991 by Tuan Haji Hassan bin Shafee, Rinaat Cane Sdn Bhd was established at a time when the demand for rattan furniture was high and three decades later, Rinnat Cane has stood the test of time and modernity to continue providing quality rattan furniture.

sofaSustaining the business for almost thirty years isn’t an easy feat especially when back in the heydays there were thousands of players within the industry providing similar rattan furniture to the market but perseverance paid off for Tuan Haji and today Rinaat Cane – managed by Hasrina by Hassan, Tuan Haji’s eldest daughter – is among the main rattan suppliers in the global market. Recalling the company’s humble beginnings, Hasrina said Rinaat Cane started off as a small factory in Manjoi, Perak but today it has grown in strength and numbers to include 2 factories spanning over 5 acres of land.

lightingThe factories, fully equipped with rattan processing facilities is manned by 30 staff who oversee various stages of rattan processing that range from wood preparation, curing, and bending to grading, smoothing, and completion. Specializing in rattan furniture manufacturing, Rinaat Cane offers more than 150 unique designs for both indoors and outdoors. Their designs which consist of classic and modern contemporary are made by skilled craftsmen and every piece is made with utmost care and precision to ensure the quality exceeds expectations. For homeowners who want something distinct, Rinaat Cane also provides custom design furniture to suits customer’s needs.

An expert in enhancing beauty and uniqueness of rattan, Rinaat Cane delivers the very highest quality in rattan furniture that cannot readily be found elsewhere. In addition to providing furniture items, Rinaat Cane also provides various types of raw rattan material. Using only high quality rattan that adheres to high quality standards Rinaat Cane hopes to maintain its position as one of the main distributors in the global arena.

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