The Future Of Cosentino


The future is filled with both hope and uncertainties. In this conversation, we find out what the future holds for Cosentino.

With the fast paced lifestyle, modern inventions and how time just seems to never wait for anyone – it is important for us to be adaptive to all sorts of changes. As the world we live in is ever-changing, it is important for us to continue to strive and make innovative and evolutionary changes within ourselves and our community.

We had the chance to have a conversation with Mark Alban Collar, General Manager of Cosentino Asia (Malaysia) and discuss the innovative and evolutionary steps the business will be taking in the future. As the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives and has changed the way businesses are run these days, we go in depth on ways Cosentino continues to be an industry leader and how they will make proper strides to grow its business.

Mark Alban Collar

Q: What are the challenges of innovating quality surfaces to satisfy the ever-expanding market?

Mark Alban Collar: I would say the biggest challenge is educating the end users on the benefits of using high quality and innovative surfaces such as Dekton (ultra-compact surface) , and I think that this is something crucial for our company as end users will always tend to make price comparisons between premium and low quality surfaces. Of course, there is also a worry of our competitors replicating our products and introducing it to the market at a lower price, but I’m confident that the better quality products will stand the test of time.

Dekton Liquid – Embers

Q: How does Cosentino meet these challenges?

Mark Alban Collar: Cosentino boasts the largest production lines, the world’s largest Cosentino showroom and fully equipped warehouse is here in Kuala Lumpur, and we have an excellent after sales service with technical support.

Cosentino Showroom

We also stay ahead of the competition by constantly introducing a variety of new launches and new colours. For example, Cosentino just introduced “The Collection Dekton® 2020” and will continue launching new products and collaborations in the years to come.

Besides that, to keep our customer’s minds at peace, we offer a 25 year international warranty on manufacturing products and obtaining product certification for all our materials. We are also producing slabs with grip (anti slip) and offer various thickness and sizes for our slabs (4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm ) as most suppliers carry only 2 thickness options.

In other words, Cosentino provides innovative architectural solutions that bring design, values and inspiration to our customers.

Q: What are some of the examples of these innovative applications?

Mark Alban Collar: Cosentino’s surfaces are not confined to just providing customers with indoor surfacing solutions, the possibilities of its usage is limitless. As it is resistant to the sun rays, it is perfect for outdoor surfaces – making it the versatile material par excellence.

For example, Dekton is Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface. It is stain, acid, shock, scratches, fire and heat, abrasion and ice and thawing resistant. It can also be applied using large formats or cut to size formats, making it the perfect choice for kitchen counter-tops, bathroom vanities, internal and external wall claddings and floorings and especially for façade.

Aside from that, if home-owners want to jazz up their homes, it can also be applied to swimming pools, sauna rooms, or car porches.

Dekton Liquid – Sky

Q: What are the roles of evolution played in the kitchen and bathroom industry?

Mark Alban Collar: The role that evolution plays in the kitchen and bathroom industry now compared to 15-20 years ago has changed dramatically. The kitchen used to be a place where people prepared food and the bathroom was simply just to clean oneself. However, things have changed and home-owners are taking a lot of aspects and elements of a kitchen and bathroom into consideration. For example, design, easy maintenance, durability and personal space are a few of the many considerations that are being taken into account. Nowadays, home-owners want both aesthetically pleasing and functional products.

Dekton Avant Garde’20 Helena

Q: What are the benefits of evolution the industry?

Mark Alban Collar: Evolution in the kitchen and bathroom industry has motivated various brands and companies to explore more possibilities and varieties in their product design and texture. It also motivates brands to discover more durable materials for easy maintenance that will benefit their customers in the long run.

As for Cosentino, we have been around for more than 4 decades, and have witnessed the evolution of this industry. Time and time again, we have proven ourselves as the industry-leader and have successfully solidified our branding and status in this industry, guaranteeing our customers of surfaces and designs of the highest quality always.

Dekton Avant Garde’20 Khalo

Q: Where is Mark Alban’s leadership taking the brand towards?

Mark Alban Collar: With our Center and my team being ever-ready to provide the support to all our clients, we have made great progress and managed to penetrate the market with our presence since Cosentino arrived in Malaysia in 2014. Through my leadership and working together with my team, we are looking to build the brand further by creating a possibility of having every house experience and use our products.

Q: What does the future look like for Cosentino?

Mark Alban Collar: The future will be like a box of chocolates, you won’t know what’s inside until you open it. Right now with the Covid-19 situation, everyone is feeling the impact on our economy, not only in Malaysia but worldwide. However I believe that there are still great opportunities for us to grow as we are rich in resources and multicultural communities. With investments coming in, the building industry is still booming, so we have to be optimistic of what awaits us in the future.

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