Joining Forces for Betterment



Working together for the betterment of our society is crucial at a time like this and thankfully Yong Studio and Nanion have shown us how to do it with their partnership which has paved the path for more businesses to work together.

The year 2020 was heralded like any other year, Malaysians gathered together with loved ones and friends to watch fireworks and other fanfare as we entered a new year but two months into 2020 and Malaysia saw a rise in cases of Covid-19, an infectious disease that has very rapidly spread to other parts of the world.  Covid-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. To prevent a spike in cases, Malaysians and citizens all over the world have been introduced to a ‘new’ normal where social distancing, better hygiene etiquette, and work from home are practiced.

Understanding the fear of unseen that is currently gripping the nation, businesses from various industries are innovating to give consumers a peace of mind while keeping viruses and contamination at bay. One such industry is interior designing where Yong Studio, which was established 8 years ago is collaborating with Nanion by Ecoat which is a water-based, easy-to-use solution that disinfects any surface in your home, office, or vehicle and improves the air quality.

Recently, Designer Concept spoke to Steph Low of Yong Studio to further understand how Yong Studio is revolutionising the way it does business in the current climate and collaborations are set to benefit not only customers but also other businesses across industries. Speaking to us, Steph explained that the government imposed MCO is quite detrimental to every business owner be it small or big but there is also a silver lining because adversities allow business owners to think out of the box and come up with creative ways to innovate while keeping their clients’ needs and wants foremost.

Always thinking of avenues to improve our client’s way of life with our clever design ideas and concepts

“We at Yong Studio are always thinking of avenues to improve our client’s way of life with our clever design ideas and concepts but with the current pandemic we also want to make sure that safety is paramount,” she explained. “We started thinking how can we remain relevant to our clientele and to future clients and concluded that in addition to making their homes beautiful, we also have a responsibility in keeping their dwelling safe,” recalled Steph.

She further added that now with almost everyone staying at home keeping the home safe and clean is vital and with that seed of thought, she and her team felt that working together with Nanion is a great start.

Keeping The Home Safe and Clean is Vital

“Joining forces with Nanion is a timely move because Nanion, if you don’t already know, is a water-based, easy-to-use solution that disinfects any surface in your home and improves the air quality as well and this is perfect for our homeowners who are looking for a safer environment for their family especially if there are babies, toddlers or older persons,” elaborated Steph.

Nanion Eco Sterilising Coating is a fast-drying liquid that can be applied to any home, office or even vehicle and it is extremely safe for homes and does not pose a risk for people and pets. Steph went on to explain that there are many factors that made pairing with Nanion sensible. Firstly, Nanion is a product that relates very much to their industry because this product disinfects a space and eliminates harmful particles to keep a space clean and safe. Secondly, Nanion ties in perfectly with Yong Studio’s mission and vision of not only creating homes but making a difference in the lives of homeowners.

“To ensure Nanion is well-received among our present and future clientele, education, and awareness about this product is necessary and we will be explaining this to our customers but one of the most effective ways to drive that point is to experience it and for that purpose, clients of Yong Studio stand to benefit greatly,” she quipped.

Through the Yong Studio and Nanion partnership, new customers can enjoy the Nanion treatment that will be included within Yong Studio’s package while for existing customers, simply apply the promo code ‘NNXYS’ to enjoy a very attractive introductory rate to experience Nanion’s effectiveness. This offer is only valid for the next six months so seize your opportunity now.