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When  you want your home to be simple, functional yet easy on the eyes, follow the adage ‘Less is More’ and you will be amazed how a few  smart choices in colours and furniture  can turn your home from boring to cutting edge.

Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is a wondrous country where ancient traditions meld with modernity and is now a way of life in Japan. So immersed in its culture and traditions, it has people from across the globe intrigued, which would explain why everything Japan from sushi to kimono is trending around the world. Among the notable trends is the onsen – a hot natural spring. As Japan is situated in a volcanic area, thousands of onsens are scattered across the country in both urban and rural settings.

And now Onsen is making its grand entry to Ipoh with the launch of Sunway Onsen Suites, a stylish and modern residential suite that has integrated natural hot springs located within the development. Overlooking luscious hills, meandering river, and greenery, Sunway Onsen suites is an excellent union of modernity and nature. To highlight the beauty of the Suite and units within, Goldfields Concepts Sdn Bhd were tasked with the responsibility of capturing the beauty of their surroundings to furbish the show unit.

Established in 2013, Goldfields Concepts Sdn Bhd is a design and contracting firm that has gained recognition for its quality service and stylish design. Priding itself for being attentive to minute details and taking into account client’s needs; it did the same for the Sunway Onsen Suites show unit where it blended nature into the interior. Keeping it modest, the show unit uses three colours – copper, grey, and black to to convey a grandeur ambiance while allowing certain showpieces to do all the talking.

Among the showpieces is the bedhead that is reminiscent of the moon effect. Truly astounding, it draws attention to the space and uplift the room, giving it an astounding effect.  Taking a closer look at the bedhead, it reminds us of the mother of pearl when caught in the way of light and  the layers if nacre on the shell  exudes a multi-coloured iridescence. Peeling your eyes away from the bed area, the rest of the room is equally stunning. At the TV area, thin copper pillars give support to the TV panel that can be turned to suit viewer’s convenience.  Curved ceiling complements with the futuristic décor vibe.

The futuristic theme continues to the living and dining area and though admittedly it looks a little clinical, choice furniture makes the space cosy and warm. While the fitted cupboards are in black, the copper elements on the cupboards, dining chairs, and island kitchen top adds an elegant finishing to the overall look and feel of the space. Shades of gray dominate the living area with the sofa set and curtains in light and dark grey respectively. The mother of pearl effect makes an appearance on the columns directly behind the sofa set, giving the room a very elegant finish.


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