No Fixed Form by Nakayama Hitori

Nakayama Hitori with Penumbra art piece.


Nakayama Hitori was born in Tokyo and began to wander across the desert after his sojourn across the jungles of Zaire, Kenya to Cameroon has he observed the strangest phenomenon occurring in the shifting sands. That was a journey that instigate awareness of nature and its existence and formation. 


Split Face


It has been for a decade he has quietly creating prototypes of sculptures that explores subjects to his interest such as physics, matter, mathematics, space and time. He discovers the larger meaning of art and its differing facets cutting across each continent and his strangest experience is to live among the Pygmies so he could understand the “Primitivism” both in real life and the art they create. 


Conceptual drawing of Split Face


He concerns himself by creating what most people overlook, the beauty of form and space within its vanishing lines. This bites infectiously into his art as the audience is encouraged to discover the metaphor which engages these physical monuments beyond the limited horizon of our eyesight. 


Celebration of our blue sky art piece at Karpal Singh Drive in Penang.


The sculpture he creates gives a therapeutic balance that is needed for it to become a visual experience. In 1976, he was invited by the government of the People’s Republic of China to visit Peking and Shangai. In 1982, he wrote an art book titled “Katachiwa” which gamered him fame and invitations to exhibit his work worldwide. 


Of One Mind (Left) Of A Geisha (Right)


Hitori has had his works previously shown in Singapore, New Delhi, Bangkok, London, New York, and many parts of the world. 

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Words by Elizabeth Dass