Convergence of East and West




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A pioneering innovative design results in an operatic dining environment that is warm, spontaneous, and comfortable

HOTPOT RESTAURANTEastern and Western concept

HOTPOT RESTAURANTFour Season Music Restaurant is a contemporary hotpot restaurant that adopts a pioneering and innovative design where Eastern and Western concepts converge in one place. With the owners’ expectations that the restaurant should be entertaining so that families and friends can gather, feast in style, and share happy times together, food and music are at the heart of the design philosophy.

Dining Area

HOTPOT RESTAURANTThe hotpot restaurant adopts a royal opera house design, where diners may dine at the main dining space and the circle foyer at the second floor while enjoying live jazz music from the entertainment stage. The choice of jazz music, which focuses on improvisation, interaction, and collaboration, is appropriate in this dining setting. Chinese hotpot dining is about cooking improvisation, and promotion of interaction and collaboration among diners; this is made possible through the seating layout that enables groups of four and more persons to dine together. Dim yet warm lighting results in a dining experience that is warm, spontaneous, and comfortable.

Chinese interior designCrossovers between western and eastern design elements are noteworthy. Chinese interior design elements include the absence of sharp corners, curtains, and drapes. The use of red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white gives a strong oriental sense. When these pastel and neutral colours are combined, the result is an interesting mix of strength, energy, harmony, authority, and nobility. The use of natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, for the main interior items, such as tables and chairs, match the philosophy of the Chinese peaceful way of life.


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